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Propaganda 101 – How the Pentagon is Trying to Rewrite Vietnam War History

Courtesy of Michael Krieger @ Liberty Blitzkrieg:

In case you weren’t aware, the Pentagon is set to roll out a 50th anniversary commemoration of the Vietnam War. 644 more words


Denver students stage mass walk-out over US history ‘censorship’

Still from YouTube video/Kent Micho
Hundreds of Denver-area high school students walked out their classrooms in a mass protest against what they call an attempt to censor their history curriculum by refocusing it on topics that promote citizenship, patriotism and obedience. 142 more words

US News

Muslim invasion created Dalits and tribals in India, says RSS - India Today

“The RSS … has been actively promoting a rewriting of Indian history and has largely rejected the historiography pursued by professional historians, accusing them of being anti-Hindu. 398 more words


when they don't remember

I’ve noticed one of the main features of abusers is “forgetting” the past.  I put quotes around that because they forget such big facts (which can even be corroborated by witnesses) and have no awareness that they have forgotten.   316 more words


Never Never Never Call That Man a Peacemaker ....

Big Bad Wolves and outsized monsters stayed away from my childhood nightmares.  Instead, the gold streaked waters I played in by day transmuted into a murderous tidal wave and the ginger puppy from the house next store behaved as a sharp toothed executioner.   360 more words