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CMYK is a subtractive color system that is used in printing. RGB is an additive color system that is used in display screens. Subtractive means that the inks ‘subtract’ from the brightness of the paper. 9 more words

Brainstorming for Fountain Show 1.1

Ever since I wrapped up the first fountain show, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas on how to improve the show. The focus of the next stage, if it ever gets off the ground, is creating some kind of backdrop. 360 more words


NASA Next-Generation Satellite Observations of Hurricane Odile

A unique weather event is unfolding this week as Hurricane Odile, now a tropical storm, is impacting Baja California Sur, bringing heavy rain and high winds to the region and causing tourists to evacuate resorts. 587 more words


Trend 2014- Menswear Inspired Style - The trick to Wearing a Wide Leg Pant - Shades of Grey & Black

The Key to this outfit is proportion and fit.  The slouchy look is “in” right now, but it needs balance to look right.  How do you do this?  125 more words


Arduino Powered Digital Kaleidoscope

latest project brings an old visual effect toy up to date with digital electronics. Most of us are familiar with inexpensive kaleidoscope toys. Some of us have even built cheap versions of them with paper tubes, mirrors, and beads. 189 more words

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