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Tuesday's Tangent: Humanity's Real Sixth Sense

I had fully intended to dedicate this week to blogging about the politics of sports – and I still fully intend on keeping good on that promise. 1,502 more words


Here is an article from today’s Financial Times, which I think would be useful for everybody working within the framework of linguistics and cross-cultural communication. The writer is also the author of ‘ 614 more words

Skills: Elocution (BONUS!)

I just arrived back from a wonderful trip to Spain where I spent the week showing off my new-found bilinguality (and eating a lot of cheese). 136 more words


Affected Emotion: Wab Kinew's Spoken Word Defence of The Orenda

During my undergraduate experience at the U of C, I developed an interest in rhetoric – so much so that I did an honours project on scholarly ethos, but more on that another time. 853 more words

Insure readers understand your message with the right content

Workplace readers often say they want short documents. But shorter doesn’t always equal an easier reading experience. Consider these jury instructions:

A fact is established by direct evidence when proved by documentary evidence or by witnesses who saw the act done or heard the words spoken.

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Professional Writing

Ode to the Preacher

I have a poem for you again this week. I wrote it in a playful spirit, so there’s a lot going on with sound and pattern, but I also meant that to reflect the subject, which is the passionate rhetoric of a skillful preacher or evangelist. 136 more words


Abandoned and Home Alone

Abandoned and Home Alone

Posted on December 4, 2006by gramatrudy

Abandoned and Home Alone

By Trudy A. Martinez

She did it again. She left, leaving me here alone again. 658 more words