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PW T-Shirt Design

When my college department held a contest for a t-shirt design, I knew I wanted to enter. The Professional Writing program has a chameleon mascot named Clyde who represents our versatility as students, and I was inspired to remake his image on the t-shirt. 111 more words

Adobe Suite


Ominatio (o-mi-na’-ti-o): A prophecy of evil.

Lo, I say unto to you: putteth down thine milk that is chocolate and shaken!

Forsake thine onion-crowned patty of steer! 43 more words

Figures Of Speech

Why Words?

Words are important. Be it written or spoken, a word can convey so much more than other forms of communication. Body language and facial expressions have their own role; it could take many words to convey emotions shared by these methods, and often we are short for words in expressing emotions that can be shared by more prudent methods such as a tear or a moan. 615 more words


Heath & Heath: Applying Positive Content to the Classroom

In additional response to the reading, I find it interesting how engaging content can be utilized in the classroom to produce responses from students. As instructors, we are consistently asking our students to consider multiple viewpoints and ideas by presenting them with content that is meant, in some way, to engage   their interests. 264 more words

Visual Representations and "Positive" Outcomes

Heath & Heath have constructed an interesting article on the vitality of ‘good content’ and the successes that come with content that achieves a certain purpose. 347 more words

You Can Leave Your Girl Around Me: Why I Wouldn't Knowingly Take Another Man's Girlfriend

Within my own personal life, I’ve heard several men express they have no issue with having sex with some other man’s girlfriend, many of them say “hey, she’s gonna cheat anyway, so it might as well be with me,” or “”that’s just how the game goes,” and the latter I can’t really argue with; the former a bit. 1,887 more words


The Art of Persuasion

For my readers,

Here is your background knowledge, so my professor teaches a class called Modern Poetry, and in this class, we discussed lyric poetry. We covered everything from Bruce Springsteen to Britney Spears and Jay-Z to Janis Joplin; however, the one genre we failed to cover was country. 685 more words