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Climate Change: Framing a Scientific Issue

This is not a political post, but it is about politicization, to elaborate on my post about a liberal credo. I was debating climate change with someone today who, I thought, was not confronting the real questions and stubbornly making this a political debate. 346 more words



The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), a programme established by President Obama to promote mutual understanding and lasting partnerships between emerging leaders from foreign countries and the United States, had its Town Hall meeting at Yangon University in Rangoon, Burma. 358 more words


If they had just called it "Climate Chaos" in the beginning...

….we would have saved ourselves a world full of stupid arguments….

Yes, it’s cold right now.  And it might have been a mild summer around here.  13 more words


The Problem With Parables

“How many people of this senior living facility would you say are visited less than once a year by a close relative?”

The problem with parables is that crafting one requires a kind of condescension, which, in turn, requires arrogance, i.e., I will deign to be teacher to coevals and equals, nay, even intellectual superiors. 938 more words


Simple posts for simple revelations, a journey into what God has been pressing on my heart recently.

Our discipleship training school has been going through a focus on Jesus, and it has been refreshing. 504 more words


Did a Change in Rhetoric Give Rise to Cities?

A peculiar phenomenon in early human history has stumped scientists. After learning to farm and establishing a more plentiful food supply about 10,000 years ago, humans began to congregate in larger groupings. 717 more words


Comic Relief

I’m virtually visiting a class to discuss the value of comics and comic-books for cultural understanding. In some ways, it’s a how-to based on my experience making… 1,633 more words