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Genius Hour is good for my stomach (and my mind)

For Genius Hour, I want to expand my cultural and culinary boundaries by trying new foods. I want to go to new restaurants and try new recip… 148 more words

A Brief Insight on My Mind and Some Lit: Rhetorical Analysis

I have been just a little to busy with my real life to deal too much with my virtual life.. Unfortunately this means less time for writing to you all internet-dwellers. 845 more words


Markku Jantunen’s Definition of the 8 Functions


Ne is perceiving abstract patterns and connections in response to stimuli (either in the external world or in the mind. 258 more words


Visual Rhetoric: Negotiating Meanings in a Colorful World

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that we’re living in a world full of signs and symbols. These signs and symbols serve several functions: they guide our actions, warn us about potential dangers, among many other purposes. 623 more words


Islands in the Mainstream

One of the paradoxes of rhetorical inquiry is that it tends to disqualify the very activity on which it is founded. Beginning with Plato’s skepticism of its merit, inquiry into the practice of rhetoric has long been mediated by the constant need among rhetoricians to provide a solid, indisputable account of its worth. 753 more words

Mas Rhetorica

Don't Tread on Me - Guns, Graphs, and Government

For my AP Government class every student took a political compass test that placed them somewhere on a chart similar to the one here.  Not knowing what to expect, I was a little surprised to find myself far into the bottom right of the chart.  308 more words