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what’s it like to fall in love?

honestly, I don’t know

it turns out

i was alone all the while

now I know:

i fell in love by you,

never with


Epizeugma (ep-i-zoog’-ma): Placing the verb that holds together the entire sentence (made up of multiple parts that depend upon that verb) either at the very beginning or the very ending of that sentence. 37 more words

Figures Of Speech

Five architect's jewels for your next presentation

by Peter Paskale

Dramatic business presentations don’t require drama. They’re better off without it. Drama is showy and blowy and overstated. It instantly puts the audience on their guard. 596 more words

Tips From The Top

Differing Definitions: When Rhetoric is Bullshit

It’s been my experience that explaining your profession to friends and family (especially if you’re in the humanities) is often accompanied with a justification. You can usually expect to make some quip about loving to read, try to explain why business school doesn’t interest you, or get defensive about whether or not English is a “real major.” One such recent encounter illustrated to me how definitions can incite disagreements—particularly when the definition involves your field of work. 789 more words


What's Said Vs. What's Done in Gaza

I’ve always been interested in the way language creates the mental images that form the basis for our understanding. For an editorial cartoonist, it’s a part of the job to use mental images and metaphors to encourage a certain way of thinking. 314 more words


IDS watch

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: is anyone monitoring Iain Duncan Smith? How has he survived two reshuffles? How does he just get to… 375 more words


Tales of Mom 11

The Good News and the Bad News

Peg meets Don outside when he gets off work. She tells him what is transpiring. And she tells him, “Nellie is pregnant with her first baby.” … 1,689 more words