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Something is different

But I can’t figure out what
The skin under your eyes is still three shades darker than the rest
And the bow of your shoulders still astounds me… 13 more words


Eng/313: Discussion Question - Chapter 1

Week 1: Rhetorical Elements

Question: “What are the four rhetorical elements of a proposal and why are they important?”


The four rhetorical elements discussed in the text are subject, purpose, readers, and context. 194 more words

Discussion Questions

some might say that they hate
the trails of color you leave everywhere
you walk – but

I like the way you stain the world… 60 more words


I’m writing a lot of shitty poetry lately

I’m sorry, I just can’t help it -

when I met you,

it was like your voice was a needle… 45 more words


Untitled Post # 7...

How would you like it, your life? You wake up one day and you’re young, very glowing. You’re having the time of your life; nice friends, good folks, a nice lover who cares for you and takes you out to new places. 243 more words


Philostratus, Discourse II: Nature vs. Nurture

“To me, custom and nature are not merely not opposed but they are most closely related, similar and overlapping one another. For custom is the way we approach nature and nature is our avenue to custom; we do call one the starting point and one the result: let nature be called the leader and culture the follower. 23 more words


what’s it like to fall in love?

honestly, I don’t know


it turns out

i was alone all the while


now I know:

i fell in love by you,

never with