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Are You Using Tricolons in Your Rhetoric?

If you’re a presenter, or simply someone wanting to convey information in a memorable way, you have probably inadvertently or intentionally used the rule of three… 514 more words


Education Is Everywhere

I mentioned earlier that  campers are taking classes that I took my first year in graduate school; it is true, and they take these classes in a condensed time frame. 312 more words

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Preaching 'God' and Justifying the Self

You ought to have friends you disagree with regularly. For example, my buddy Morgan and I seem to agree about very little when it comes to the hot-button, theological issues of the day. 1,263 more words



For those who watched the film on Gettsyburg on saw Jeff Daniels portray Colonel Chamberlain of Maine who saved the battle by holding the line.  He was a Professor of Rhetoric at Boudin College.  455 more words

Humor And Observations

Thoughts on an innate appeal to political sensation rather than political objectivity

While browsing through Instagram a couple weeks back I was momentarily nauseated by an image uploaded of a hospital bed-ridden Palestinian baby with half his face mutilated insofar to remove any possibility of identification, in the background of the picture you can see the baby’s father uncontrollably crying in despair and disbelief. 1,049 more words


No Where to Run

No Where to Run

Posted on December 4, 2006by gramatrudy

Nowhere to Run

By Trudy A. Martinez

Reassuringly, little voices whisper dramatically, “It’s okay, Kit, we’re not going to hurt you.” … 263 more words

That's Life!

Just How Well Do We Know How To Prepare a Sermon


  1. Homiletics (Gr. homiletikos, from homilos, to assemble together), in theology, is the application of the general principles of rhetoric to the specific department of public preaching.
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