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Visual Rhetorical Analysis

My partners ad was for a Gucci cologne ad.

1. The intended audience for this ad is straight, younger men who wear cologne. This is seen in the tag line at the bottom of the ad that says, “The new fragrance for him.” The ad is using an attractive man and an attractive woman in order to make their product appear more sexual and attractive. 302 more words

Comp 150

Rhetorical Analysis

This is a rhetorical analysis of

Those Damn Advertisements

Every day we are subjected to advertisements. Visual stimulus to convince us to buy something, or join a membership or to vote for this person but not that person. 357 more words


Emma Watson's UN HeForShe speech

Here is a link for Emma’s feminist speech. This is the video I am writing my rhetorical analysis on.

Emma Watson UN Here is the rhetorical analysis I wrote. 13 more words

Two genders just isn't enough

The Situation:

Garbacik really makes a clear point about people who do not identify as male and female, and what should they do? We have such strict guidelines of what these two identities should look like, and why do we do this? 282 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

Beginning the Journey

In her book, Gender and Sexuality of Beginners, Jaimee Garbacik examines how sex and gender roles operate in American society, the oppressive limitations of these roles, and the politics that define them. 624 more words


Issue 3 and GFSB

The two readings were very interesting and thought provoking.

I really liked how the authors in Understanding Rhetoric related changing your writing with changing your outfit. 202 more words

Rhetorical Analysis