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Peer Review


  • Before your group members start reading your paper, briefly note your largest concerns or questions.
  • Work on one paper at a time – keep track of how long you spend with the paper (see below).
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ENGL 110-059

Liberty and Equality for Al(most)…

By now, I’m sure the majority of you have seen Zach Whal’s 2011 speech to the Iowa House of Representatives; however, here it is for those who might have missed it- It is a MUST see! 535 more words


Boy Scouts Of America

I watched the short documentary on the discrimination within Boy Scouts of America.

The film starts by introducing the view to two men involved with Boy Scouts of America. 273 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

From Honesty Comes Freedom

I decided to do a new rhetorical analysis on the article 17 Honest Quotes From Celebrities On Coming Out Of The Closet. There is some use of kairos in this is compilation of quotes due to the opportune changing times of society. 407 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

New AND Improved

Here is a new and improved rhetorical analysis of the same article that I read for the last assignment. This article,http://elitedaily.com/women/skinny-should-stop-being-used-as-a-compliment/, discusses media’s current role in “demonizing fat” and the issues with why saying someone looks skinny is NOT a compliment. 470 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

Revised Rhetorical Analysis

I chose to watch the short documentary on discrimination within the Boy Scouts of America.

The film starts by introducing two men involved with Boy Scouts of America. 377 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

Class, Thurs, 9/25

Structure and Prewriting

(Not the ideal way to talk about intros)

Fastwrite: Briefly note (in list form), the strengths and limits of one element of your  158 more words

ENGL 110-059