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The problem is....

I read this moving article, http://elitedaily.com/women/skinny-should-stop-being-used-as-a-compliment/, from an editor at Elite Daily that discusses media’s current role in “demonizing fat” and the issues with why saying someone looks skinny is NOT a compliment. 295 more words

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Utilizing EPL on SNS


In class we learned how ethos, pathos, and logos can be utilized to influence the audience’s beliefs or attitude. My first rhetorical analysis will be of an image from my best friend Adam.  399 more words

RA2: Analyzing Wikipedia Talk Pages


One commonly discussed aspect of the rhetorical situation for 21st-century communicators is our ability to collaborate. And over and over, you’ll hear these discussions return to the biggest collaborative writing project of them all: Wikipedia. 1,191 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

SOAPSTone Analysis of 2013 Jeep Commercial

Use your SOAPSTone chart to analyze this Jeep commercial (find another copy of the chart under “Quick Links”).

You can also find the clip here.

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Rhetorical Analysis and Critical Reading

Rhetorical thinking can be fun. It is where sarcasm stems from, for example. We are analyzing something rhetorically when we are sarcastic or critical/distrustful of a person’s statement or a piece of writing. 332 more words

Audio Version of RA1


You’ll hear the word multimodal a lot in this class, a word built on the words multiple and modality. So a multimodal text is any text that uses multiple modalities, including words and images but also including audio and video (and more!). 1,036 more words

Rhetorical Analysis

RA1 Samples and Suggestions

I’ve posted 2 samples of RA1 in Moodle. (Scroll down to the 2nd week to find them, all in a single document.) They’re up there because of the agreement I have with the students who wrote them: I promised that I would only share them anonymously and only in the protected space of Moodle. 672 more words

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