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Moderate drinking may reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis

12 JULY 2012

3 drinks per week can halve the risk of developing the condition

Research: Long term alcohol intake and risk of rheumatoid arthritis in women: a population based cohort study… 510 more words

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The Pharmacy

Let’s talk about prescription drugs, the pharmacy, and insurance for prescriptions.

I have been taking biologics for RA for probably around ten to twelve years.  More recently having my own insurance, I have entered into a world of anxiety when I have to fill my RX for Orencia. 410 more words


Sesame Salt

I was first introduced to Sesame salt by my cooking instructor Chef Rachel.  This simple seasoning is easy to make and the subtle nutty flavor tastes fantastic on salads, meats, and side dishes. 195 more words

Quick & Easy

Strengthen Bones and Joints With Reliable Methods

Bone loss. Joint pain. They’re the price of years of poor posture and poorer eating habits, of bad shoes and worse genes. To some degree, these bodily breakdowns are a biological inevitability. 675 more words

Pain Management

Herbs with Health Benefits - Rheumatoid Arthritis

Herbs that heal.

Usage of herbal remedies in treating certain symptoms of diseases has been around since the ancient civilizations. These days, treatment of diseases rely heavily on evidence-based medicine which is very apt because people nowadays expect nothing less from their health care providers. 412 more words

Been Used

The great wheelchair debate

To wheel or not to wheel….that should be the question, right? 

If only it were that simple… With arthritis one of the big things they tell you is that you have to keep moving and excising. 444 more words