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Barack Obama Hates Christopher Columbus

Obama visits Rhode Island College and everyone all of a sudden hates Columbus Day; this, plus more, in this weeks Twitter News Weekly!


President Obama Returns to RI

Barry O’s coming back to Rhode Island. This Thursday President Barak Obama will be making a stop at Rhode Island College to talk to student athletes about underage consumption of alcohol ( 82 more words

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Robust Debate: The PVD Mayoral Candidates Have At It

Every four years, I always get excited about presidential debate season. It’s the best unscripted yet staged reality television program. The current problems and solutions laid out with varying levels of detail, the wardrobes and subsequent malfunctions, and the zingers bandied about by the candidates. 1,172 more words


Inuit stories offered clues to fate of Franklin's crew

Of all the clues in the search for the lost ships of the Franklin expedition none has perhaps been so enticing, or as helpful, as the stories — oral history preserved by the Inuit of chance encounters, apparently with survivors of the ill-fated vessels. 711 more words

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