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Ebola: We can never be too cautious

By Olwethu Boso

In late August, Senegal reported its first Ebola case affecting a 21-year-old university student from Guinea. Being an internationally-recognised university, where over 20% of the student body is foreign, this situation could easily have occurred at Rhodes University. 632 more words


Live Tweet: Entertainment Education (EE) Colloquium

By Youlendree Appasamy

The Entertainment Education (EE) Colloquium, held at Rhodes University on 9-10 October was the first time that health communications practitioners, academics and educators sat down to discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from creative health communication strategies. 37 more words


JMS 1 - Community Life 4

1.  http://www.dispatchlive.co.za/news/gtown-scientist-scoops-award/ this is relevant to the community beat as is is about a Rhodes Univerity researcher who has won an award for his water research and it is even more relevant to Grahamstown and its water crisis. 79 more words

Oppidan Press tackle 'blackface'

In this video made by Rhodes University student newspaper Oppidan Press, the ‘blackface’ phenomenon and recent controversies surrounding it are interrogated.

Turn cellphones off, about to preview theatre

So I have been stubborn in my journalistic ways. I have been so set on music journalism that I somehow managed to make myself thing that it was the only kind of journalism out there. 480 more words


What lurks in our streams?

A sort of brown slimy substance was found in the stream near Helen Joseph House. It appears to be dissolved iron that is growing within the water and although it can be of danger when too many amounts of it grow, it is actually beneficial to the water and the plants.


Community Life

NHI - Fixing what's broke

By Youlendree Appasamy

The challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for South Africa’s implementation of the National Health Insurance were highlighted at a colloquium held at Rhodes University earlier this term. 467 more words

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