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Student prescription drug abuse

The effects I witnessed were instantaneous. After getting rid of (the majority of) the plastic casing the pills were cut, hit, smashed, ground, and almost any other process that would get them as fine as possible, the powder then lined up into two neat rows and before you could say “methylphenidate” they were gone. 655 more words

Graffiti is art, Dude!

In a recent survey conducted amongst the youth and young adults of Grahamstown, scholars and students of Rhodes University, confirmed that the nature of graffiti was being seen by younger people more as form of artistic expression, rather than crime. 555 more words

Johan Carinus school celebrates the state of the arts

Grocotts Mail – 17 September 2010
“A child recognises an image before it can even speak,” said Dominic Thornburn of the Rhodes University department of Fine Art, while addressing learners at the Carinus Art Gallery’s 62nd annual exhibition on Thursday evening… (Read More)

Johan Carinus Art Centre

Virtual versus the physical - who wins?

“They’re born. They die. Whatever happens in-between is up to you.” This is the tag-line of The Sims, a hugely successful life simulation game franchise that allows players to create and control virtual people called “ 625 more words

For the love of the ga(y)me!

By Kyle Prinsloo

Sexual inequality within sports has long been a problem in society. However, it seems that being gay is finally becoming okay since the recent spike in gay sports stars coming out. 646 more words

Rhodes University Learner Represents S.A.

Rhodes University student Cody Van Wyk was chosen to represent South Africa in a 5-a-side hockey leg at The Youth Olympic Games that were held in Nanjing, China in August. 495 more words

Sports sensation shoots his way through

Archery is a sport which dates back years before it became a modern day competitive sport. Archery is historically a heroic and valiant activity used in combat and hunting. 503 more words