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Skhot' so HARD

Hey all,

Its the Blipters here and we’ve hit the Jozi streets running! During our first week we had the opportunity of meeting Instant Grass’s Johannesburg manager, Jessica Jorgenson. 251 more words

"Bae" belongs in the FriendZone.

A lot of things have slowly been annoying me. So when annoyed, make a blog post. Here it is:

Things that need to stop:

  1. Phrases like…
  2. 452 more words
South Africa

From farm to fork: the food journey series

By Olwethu Boso

Do you treat food and eating with respect? Do you think about where your food comes from, the hands that planted it and harvested it, the soil, sun and rain that nourished it, how it’s packaged and processed? 364 more words


Rhodes: An epicenter of horror

Rhodes University is increasingly becoming an unsafe space to live in!
This morning at around 4:10am, a piercing sound of a police siren, that I thought was an ambulance, a fire drill or fire brigade (since fire and death incidences have become a norm in this institution) , woke me up in my deep thinking. 219 more words

News Section

How The Media Contributes To Rape Culture

Note: This article I wrote was first published by The Oppidan Press on August 6 2014. You can find their website here 698 more words

Gender Equality

The thin line between a night out and binge drinking

By Jessica Trappe

“How much alcohol is in this?” asks Amber* as she looks at the drink in her hand. “7.5%! No ways! I’m halfway done with this and I’m not even tipsy,” she says to the five of us huddled in her small bachelor flat.  1,182 more words


Alone in the crowd...chronic loneliness among students

By Kerstin Hall

Rhodes has a reputation for academic excellence, liberalism – and drinking.
The student body consists of just over 7000 students, making it the smallest university in the country and a minnow in comparison with giants such as UCT or the University of Pretoria. 1,304 more words

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