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An open letter to Ross’s parents (the MrCreaths) #for them #nolie

An Open Letter to Ross’s parents (the MrCreaths) #for them #nolie

Hey Ross’s parents… (nima coughs)
*I mean how art thou parentals of thy fine fine lad by the name of Ro..lol k k just kidding. 1,194 more words


Ross McCreath

‘The Ross Revolution’ is a real thing.
Watch this inspiring video about some cool ninja in the Eastern Cape that has done some pretty big things for a lad his age…

Getting Personal

“I’m a writer,” I said. It was the first time I’d ever called myself a writer.

It might have had something to do with the fact that he introduced himself as a base jumper, an extreme skier, a wingsuit flier – dangerously impressive all of them – but in truth it was the first time I truly and confidently felt like a writer. 1,647 more words

Discovering Me

MSc Bioinformatics and computational Molecular Biology

The year 2013 was a busy but blessed year for me. I registered for a one year masters by research and coursework in the R… 280 more words


Where leaders learn?

It was graduation weekend, I’d finally finished and I’d taken my last evening to be all about me.
She was cute, fun even and it was flattering being crushed on so why not? 228 more words

Chess enhances learners' arithmetical skills

Education through Chess by Tsogo Sun Moves for Life. A proven intervention to unlock the potential and to change the future of South Africa’s children. 157 more words