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Bombs at lunch time

It’s Saturday lunch time 4 March 1978. I walk alone down Jamison Avenue, Salisbury, Rhodesia. The street is strangely deserted, not a vehicle or soul in sight. 1,044 more words


A Federated Libya?

The apparent chaos, conflict, and social strife evident in the world stimulates calls for political solutions. Various think tanks, government agencies, and international bodies have offered solutions to a range of crises dominating the headlines. 516 more words


The Cacti and the Lizard

‘Tis the beginning of time. Hydrogen and Oxygen gases explode. A newborn droplet is spawned. It randomly chooses a planet and flows, shape-shifting freely among landforms. 84 more words



After seeing the endgame from Paris, I braved the snow and went out to the post office.   While on the way, I heard a few minutes of NPR. 73 more words


Killing Them With "The Englishness": "Nervous Conditions" by Tsitsi Dangarembga

We have a tendency in the West to think of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa as a “first world problem.”  Surely such disorders are confined to upper-middle class young white women from American suburbs, right? 1,222 more words


Serendipity and Subterfuge: how I land my first job

I am twelve, going on thirteen when I land my first holiday job. It happens by mistake and with guilt laden subterfuge I seize the opportunity. 2,346 more words


The unintended consequence of the end of colonialism : Whites now don't belong anywhere.

Sounds nonsensical, doesn’t it ?  maybe, maybe not….

In modern discussions, the term “colonialism” is a pejorative term that has come to be associated only with the White race.   712 more words