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Nazareth House – my first memory.

This story is about my first memory of childhood. I remember all the wrong things and none of the important ones. Flattening fairy Annabelle is at its core but it’s not the heart. 16 more words

Soap Don't Leave Home Without it

From the desk of the Surgeon General We all have heard the advice of frequently washing your hands and I am sure we are aware of the benefits of using soap We’ve all have seen scenes of doctors throughly washing their hands before entering the operating room I am sure Soap ! 163 more words


Night of Terror

I don’t know how our soldiers can endure what they do, when my small brush with danger can still bring with its memory, the heart-stopping terror I experienced then.  79 more words

Gillian Long

Psst… Behind You…!

Say the word Triangle Sugar Estates, or Hippo Valley (as we knew it) and I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to talk to you about it.  580 more words

True Rhodesian Adventures

Jeremy Thorpe: A personal appreciation

Jeremy Thorpe, who died yesterday at the age of 85 after a thirty year battle with Parkinson’s Disease, was one of the dominant political personalities of my teenage years. 699 more words


Cry Of The Fish Eagle and Viscount Down

This is a novel set between England and colonial Rhodesia.  It begins during the second world war, with Rupert Pengelly who promises to look after the daughter of his friend Rigby Savage, a fellow pilot, who did not make the war alive.   911 more words