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Sharing Rhonda Byrne - "Life Isn't Happening To You Life Is Responding To You"

 Give this quote some thought!!  When things are going badly or unbelievably horrible, reflect upon your reaction to the situation!  The force of life is that what we put into it.   57 more words

Rhonda Byrne

Clarity on "The Secret".

Summary:        The popular New Age film “The Secret” contained many half-truths, as do many of the popular documentaries circulating on the Internet.  The concept of a “Law of Attraction” may have legitimate merit, but its presentation in the move was quite poor.   1,829 more words

Esther Hicks

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne

Last year I heard about The Secret.  After researching what the book was about, I dismissed it as being ridiculous.  Fast forward to earlier this year and after resigning from my job and returning to the UK I found myself lost.   451 more words


The law of attraction

Rhonda Byrne, in her very successful book, THE SECRET, explains the LAW OF ATTRACTION.  This law deals with you and your desired object.  The Law states that if you visualise and strongly think of any object or opportunity, then that object and the opportunity will both come to you.  359 more words


Sharing Rhonda Byrne - Change Is A Good Thing

 Just a reminder….. when we resist change we are missing out on Great Things To Come…. Remember to smile your day will be brighter…. Darlene


Why the Law of Attraction is harmful

In my last post, I debunked the Law of Attraction: the popular idea that a person can attract good or bad things into their life, depending on their mindset. 432 more words

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