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What Wordsworth's Words Are Worth

While both Wordsworth’s “London, 1802″, and Blake’s “London” paint similar pictures of a grimy turn of the century London, I think that William Wordsworth is able to paint a better picture through the use of his figurative language. 280 more words

Figurative Language (9/18)

Dead Poet's Society

I agree with the statement, “Wordsworth’s ‘London, 1802′ provides a more effective, thorough, and powerful critique of nineteenth-century London’s social and political corruption than Blake’s ‘London’.”  Through the use of rhyme scheme, blatant metaphors and similes, symbolism, and other poetic elements, Wordsworth is able to effectively, thoroughly, and powerfully portray an image of London at this time.   543 more words

Figurative Language (9/18)

The Bully

We get made fun of,
For the way we stand,
The way we sit,
It’s basic body language,
Take a damn hint.

We’re your scape goat, 34 more words

It's Just a Book

It’s just a book
With a beginning and end
Filled with crooks
Preventing friends

Spoiler alert:
He dies
Screw the church
It’s full of lies… 146 more words

My Revenge on Rhyme Schemes

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve realized that I do get inspired by so much more than hearing loss! Which is great, because it would be super depressing if all that actually made me write poetry was having some sort of physical ailment. 163 more words

The Lunch Lady

The lunch lady sits and listens
Patiently waiting to retire
She hears everything from that kitchen
Nothing she can admire

She hears all the gossip… 58 more words

Educational Madhouse

My alarm goes RRRIINNGG
I get ready to go
My bag pack I bring
And I’m on the road

First I head to math
Over my shoulder she lurks… 135 more words