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The Lunch Lady

The lunch lady sits and listens
Patiently waiting to retire
She hears everything from that kitchen
Nothing she can admire

She hears all the gossip… 58 more words

Educational Madhouse

My alarm goes RRRIINNGG
I get ready to go
My bag pack I bring
And I’m on the road

First I head to math
Over my shoulder she lurks… 135 more words

Bucket list

Before the day I die
I want to go fly
Look down on the city
Boy, will it look pretty
Feeling so high

Then I’ll jump out… 87 more words


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,

That shouldn’t be said,
That doesn’t seem true,

My nose is my nose,
But isn’t it strange,

Cause it doesn’t knows, 91 more words

Umbrella Terms

Soon it will be daylight
and I will have barely slept
My eyes are heavily weighed open
from the salty overtones that laced
the hours I’d wept… 153 more words


Antifragile Men

Anti-fragile men,

you can’t do it by yourself,

even though you try to every-time,

cautioned in the cut,

always with the but,

goals have solutions, 76 more words

Retrace the Face of Grace

For a moment I again saw her face
The imagery so warped now from space time
Threadbare memories I retrace fondly
Hands lovingly interlaced long ago… 40 more words