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what love entails.

she says she doesn’t deserve love,
that her heart is too damaged,
that you ruined it through perversion,
in your sick, twisted version.

he says he can no longer love, 17 more words

petty harassment.

The bell rang for the end of the day,
She was retrieving her books from her locker,
When you and your friends cornered her,
Pressed her against the cold metal, 50 more words


Her name was Lily,
Such a pretty name,
For a pretty girl,
Named after a pretty flower,
That flourished in May showers.

But beauty could never excuse, 24 more words

jack the ripper.

you always fancied that dagger,
it was shiny, sharp, and very nice,
you loved to use it when you could,
all too intrigued by what it could entice. 67 more words


you wanted answers,
from the mysterious woman,
sitting before you,
in the dark interrogation room,
you dragged her into.

but she was trained,
and wouldn’t even reveal, 115 more words


you used me again and again,
threw me out, irrevocably torn apart,
stomped on my already battered heart,
and even though I loved you,
it was never enough, 39 more words

welcome to modern society.

Welcome to modern society,
Where we thrive on notoriety,
And prey on the weak,
To try and further our own peaks.

Where tenderness wanes with age, 197 more words