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A first honest attempt at keeping syllabic tempo and a standardized rhyme scheme.

I reach the depths of my bag,
Desperate, can’t find my stone. 128 more words



I don’t know much about guns,
I just knew you had one,
Already loaded with a full clip,
All having been graced by your lips, 45 more words

To Taste Hot Chocolate Again

It was a night of bravado and revelations,
I snuck away from home
To get into a car with you and we drove,
The clear roads gave us safe passage, 284 more words


Day 10: Streets

Prompt: Write a poem that employs a rhyme scheme.

There’s details and then there’s beauty. The two are not necessarily intertwined. Inspired by a pretty picture, comes the not so pretty details ensconced in the scene. 98 more words



Poetry was hard it seemed

A poet I could never be

But all you need is an easy rhyme scheme

Like A B A B


You say there’s a storm brewing outside,
But you’re all too unaware,
Of the storm cooking up inside her,
As tears stain her cheeks in her despair. 171 more words

The Man you want him to be...

There are many poems written for women and dedicated to women and very few written by women and dedicated to men. So I thought I would write one, this is dedicated to certain type of men.. 317 more words

For Men