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It was an inevitable thing,
But it was still a shock to us all,
When the ship sunk,
And we all took a large fall. 77 more words

World of Rotted Roses

Words spoken are planted in a garden,

sprouting negative reactions?

It could simply be a trick of the light as I

try and decipher faces, to little satisfaction. 146 more words


#16 The Dreamer

Night by night

dream after dream

fright by fright

senseless, it seems

Salivating exhaustion

gallivanting about

heart beats in fraction

he could do without

In full speed… 78 more words

Faith, Hope and Heart: a poem

Staff Writer

I was once told that only in dreams
do dreams come true.
But I am here to tell you now, 88 more words

Sword And Shield


A first honest attempt at keeping syllabic tempo and a standardized rhyme scheme.

I reach the depths of my bag,
Desperate, can’t find my stone. 128 more words



I don’t know much about guns,
I just knew you had one,
Already loaded with a full clip,
All having been graced by your lips, 45 more words

To Taste Hot Chocolate Again

It was a night of bravado and revelations,
I snuck away from home
To get into a car with you and we drove,
The clear roads gave us safe passage, 284 more words