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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,

That shouldn’t be said,
That doesn’t seem true,

My nose is my nose,
But isn’t it strange,

Cause it doesn’t knows, 91 more words

The Phoenix

A born again phoenix risen up from the ashes.
Sometimes our worst crashes spark the best new beginnings.

Our losing is winning.

The tears of this phoenix have the ability to heal. 17 more words


Three For Labor Day (2014)

1. Rest.
2. Family.
3. Barbecue.
And in between-
A bit of fun, to be seen.


Three Places Not To Keep Your Deepest Secrets (2006)

1. In your e-mail at work.

2. On a piece of paper just hanging around the house.

3. In text form on your cell phone. 20 more words


A Gambino Acting Childish

I dig the hell out of this guy! Such a talent. Funny as can be and has rhyme and flow for days!
Got to see him live a few years back when he was still on Community. 204 more words

The Garden of Plenty


A garden of plenty,
best seen by the light,

sleeps quiet as many
all though the night.

A lonely cicada
makes a great sound, 100 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life

Three That Change (2014)

1. Neighborhood.
2. Your looks.
3. Facebook newsfeed.
A social media change-
One more re-arrange.