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Three That Share A Birthday On September 1st (2006)

1. Yvonne De Carlo (84)

2. Former Texas Governor Ann Richards (73)

3. Me. (blank)


The blank number-

Is in slumber!


Three Ways That Two Is Better Than One (2006)

1. Two has always been double the fun.

2. Two is twice what one could be.

3. Two can cover handling anything, especially if the other one is not available. 12 more words


Three For Tuna (2014)

1. Bake.
2. Casserole.
3. Salad.
In one’s lifetime to have enough-
Of that sea faring canned stuff.


Why Words Matter: Rhetorical Devices

To have and to hold.

In my last post I discussed grabbing your audience quickly. But that leaves one important question: How?

By using time-tested combinations of sounds to create phrases that interest your audience, you can engage them quickly and often on an entirely unconscious level. 531 more words


Three That Adults Enjoy Doing (2014)

1. Dancing.

2. Being involved in social media.

3. Things that they did as children.
Double Dutch jump rope, and an old good movie- 14 more words


Three Places Where One Might Expect The Red Carpet To Be Rolled Out ( 2006)

1. When one is expecting the Queen.

2. At an awards show.

3. In your home, when a particular company delivers your mattress.


Competition- 6 more words


Three To Gather (2014)

1. Eggs.
2. Crowds.
3. 25,000 back packs.
Golden volunteer rule-
To ensure that every child has one for school.