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The Need-To Read (124)

It never fails-

There is always a brand new story about the Easter bunny traveling down the bunny trail.



Three Addictions (2014)

1. Video games.

2. TV watching.

3. Reading.


All it took-

Was that one more book.


Three Places You Don't Want To Be (2014)

1. Dentist.

2. Gridlock.

3. Hospital, with no available beds.



For hall.


Three To Look Forward To This Weekend (2014)

1. Green grass in the baskets.

2. Hunting for tinted boiled eggs.

3. Humid weather.
To enjoy Easter Sunday-
With not a bit of cold weather, to get in the way.


Three That Pass Too Fast (2014)

1. Hours of the day.

2. Weeks turning into months.

3. Our children’s growth.



Suddenly tall.


Three To Write (2014)

1. Story.

2. Note.

3. Poem.


In many forms, written strong-

In April, and all year long.


Thief (A Nonet)

Falling in shadow, the moon’s aglow,
awash in red, and then it bled
long streaks of silver, having
pilfered its ghostly sheen,
reflecting its gleam… 58 more words