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Three We Remember From The Past (2014)

1. Kid show.
2. Circus.
3. Allowances.
To peek-
And remember .what we looked
forward to each week.


Rhymed Memories

When I start thinking of good old childhood days and the events that changed my life for good was my learning alphabets and numbers. These two mega events in my life had made what I am today. 425 more words


A Stolen Sonnet

I cannot point finger at he or she;
The scapegoat for my blame by now long gone.
I cannot point at anyone, not me–
I cannot learn his name by now or dawn. 73 more words


Three Bottom Lines (2014)

1. Cash.

2. Earnings.

3. Profits.


A sudden burst-

To know what comes first.


Three Places To Visit (2014)

1. Museum.

2. Eatery.

3. Local farmers market.


Now & then-

To buy straight from the garden.


To You ,From Me


I want you to know you’re youer than you and that is truer than true and that’s clicher than cliche but that’s righter than rain because cliche’s have something in them worth repeating over and over again. 446 more words