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Three Reasons To Move Your Farm Business To Mexico (2007)

1. One can leave behind any immigration issues.

2. There are plenty of workers available in the country.

3. The workers can be paid eleven dollars a day, compared… 20 more words


Three That Happens With Time (2014)

1. People age.
2. People change.
3. Some people really change.
To be smitten-
History re-written.


World of Wrong

When you miss him with a vengeance like I did, the world is apt to go dark from time to time.
Sometimes it’s when everything hurts us, and sometimes it’s when everything’s fine. 125 more words


Three Repeated During Christmas (2014)

1. Blinking lights.
2. Is it Christmas yet?
3. Online purchases.
A never ending-
Season of spending.


even ghosts need girlfriends

maybe it was better if we’d never met
if you’d stood me up before our time
gone off with another maiden
more suited to your style… 60 more words


Three Occasions When The Traffic On The Road Is Thinner (2007)

1. Early on a Sunday morning.

2. In the middle of a holiday.

3. After there is a toll increase.
An EZ Tag countdown- 9 more words


Three Ways How Your Ship Came In (2014)

1. Got job.
2. Got raise.
3. Tested negative.
A true bonus-
Results for Ebola virus.