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Three Expensive (2014)

1. Coats.
2. Vehicles.
3. Midterm elections.
Budgets tossed-
Politics comes a high cost.


Going Out...

I don’t want to wear make up, pants and bra,

When I leave the house, or go out in my car,

But I know I must, society dictates, 83 more words


Three Dangers (2011)

1. Tornado.
2. Fire.
3. Changing how Social Security is funded.
To set the tone-
To leave it alone.


Three Places To Slip (2011)

1. Sidewalk.
2. Ice skating rink.
3. Shower.
Water and soap-
Can cause a slippery slope.


Three Jobs Online (2014)

1. Medical record.
2. Ghostwriting.
3. Thanking everyone for re-tweets.
Busy as a bee-
As it ought to be.


Three Tiny (2014)

1. Tim.
2. Newborn.
3. The sun.
A partial eclipse, today, a no-fail-
At sunset, to look like a fingernail.