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Three Things We Do Not Like To See (2006)


1. Trash on the road.

2. A person going hungry.

3. A tropical depression out in the Atlantic.


Best empty-

Most would agree.



The Short-To Sport (49)

Patience to strive-

Waiting for Downton Abbey Season 5.



An Ode to Her Memory

“If you go away on a summer’s day
You might as well take the sun away”
Words I recount as I sit at bay
Wondering, how her memory still fills this day… 138 more words

Three Things We Don't Mind See Falling (2006)


1. Waterfalls.

2. Dominoes.

3. Gas prices.


Makes sense-

Less cents.


Three For Footwear (2014)

1. Boots.

2. Flats.

3. None at all.


Where foot and ground meet-

Time to resort to simply bare feet.



Rain drip, patter, drip drip
Softly soothing daydreams
While the night goes on to listen
Deep exhalations mastered when rain accompanies breath
Befitting the character of gloom… 231 more words