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Our river

Let’s dance towards our river
Fireflies will lead the way
Our trusting eyes will sup on moonlight
Whilst our hearts do love convey


Bloom: sunsets, shadows and silly rhyme

Sunset peekaboo

Shadows you hoo

Meleluka blush

Sunset rush

Love that fellow!

Daisy lazy

Orange and yellow

Three Things That Might Cultivate A Friendship (2010)

1. Talks.

2. Greeting cards,

3. Tamiflu.
South Korea sending 10,000 doses up to the
Perhaps with the idea of a new friendship coming


The Short-To Sport (50)

To think about how it used to be-

Throughout society.



Three Smiles (2014)

1. Put on.
2. Necessary.
3. Genuine.
To last for a while-
In grand style.


Three Things Needed For A White House Christmas (2010)

1. 50,000 guests.

2. 28 parties.

3. 200,000 Christmas cards.
And of course, plenty of sweets to eat-
Holidays at the White House are a treat.


Of Vows and Marrow

And on this night,
In your flawless white
with flower in your hair,
There will be no parenthesis
(just delight)
To separate these names we bear. 31 more words