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31 Days of Smart Summer Fun, Day 22: Brain Teaser of the Day

Hink Pinks are rhyming words that match a silly definition. We’ve done the first one for you. See if you can figure out the rest… 35 more words


Small Talk

The man that sat beside me
had very much to say.
On the train we sat together.
We were going the same way.
He spoke of many things. 14 more words


Cross the Line

Where is the line
between dreams and free will?
At what point
is a mountain just a big hill?
Just a fountain filled
with obstacles to be dealt with… 163 more words


Sobre's here

I used to be thirsty searching
Now I spit something versey
Till they thirsty purging
Cursey lackluster and wordy
Lacking nothing but worthy
Turn this whole thing topsy turvey… 110 more words

Hope you love all of my shit

Emotions on my sleeve
Where do they go when I’m sleeveless
Chip on my shoulder is heavy
Do I need this?
Instead of get rid of… 304 more words

My Morning Adventure

Everyday’s a new adventure,
as I gaze upon my face.
What old familiar features,
will I find have been replaced.
Today’s surprise and wonder,
that causes me to fuss. 10 more words