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Common Drink

People have favorite drinks.
They choose to have each day.
Some like wine.
Some choose tea.
Some just drink
what comes their way.
They drink from bottles. 23 more words


Day 58 - An Ode to My Bed

There’s nothing more divine than your spongy pillow top
Upon your memory foam I can’t wait to finally flop
After sleeping in other beds for many a night… 99 more words

Attempting a Courtesy

Attempting to create a sense of urgency
Not late, just now, a cure to see
A courtesy
To share a truth so burdening
That always from within theres an ever present urge to bring… 44 more words


Muse to be named later

My muse
Far from obtuse
Try angles to break loose
Of the noose
Assimilation has put our minds through
Heightened, sense becomes acute
Your vision so sharp… 34 more words

The Prolific Artist

The artist was prolific.
He had new works everyday.
So much he had created.
So much he had to say.
He covered all the topics, 42 more words


All Play And No Work

If money were not problem
would I still work?
Or would I quit a job
and leave it with a smirk.
The problem is with work, 17 more words


#ThoughtfulThursday: A Poem and Palpable Predicament

This poem is not related to my life and experiences but I couldn’t sleep tonight and the words just started flowing. It’s completely fictional in my case, but I feel like there are women out there who can relate because this is TRUE!!  658 more words

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