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Children English Nursery Rhyme

English Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics – Bits of Paper. It is full of entertainment for funny facts of your child.


A delicate balance - for dVerse

If democracy is just the rock
like Sysiphos we try to block
it balanced on the mountain-top
We require strength to make it stop
from rolling deep into the fate… 87 more words


Becoming Scarce

I’m going to be here less; I will miss it I confess
I’ve reduced the amount I write; time is just too tight
School has become my priority; it has claimed my time with authority… 116 more words


WORDSPIT - City Of God

Cinematographer: Dirty Souf Yankee
Directors: Dirty Souf Yankee x WordSpit The ILLest
Editor : Massanissa Sphinx
Actors: Tiggs, Trigz, Jacob Berger, and Cornelio Joseph



Spring blossoms,
Shades – awesome,
Colorful symphony,
Creation’s epiphany.

Brilliant beginnings,
Top of the inning.

Off season’s come to an end
It’d be a lot easier if we didn’t pretend, 140 more words


You and Me

I wrote this for my best friend and I gave it to her for her birthday. We’ve met 16 years ago and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. 398 more words


Canceled trains - for dVerse

see empty sky of canceled trains
tomorrow’s work – an added stress
we passengers in growing pains
see empty sky of canceled trains
there’s no one here to take complaints… 52 more words