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The Labor Is Laborious

Some jobs I’ve had were good.
Some jobs I’ve had were bad.
But I’ve tried to do them well.
With the talents that I had. 24 more words


Semilir Angin Membelai

Semilir angin membelai
Buat angan kan layang mimpi
Kembli pada lampau terpikiri
Rumah megah tersuram berdiri
Hilang tawa pun sapa tiada terhampiri

Temaram penerangan tambahkan muram… 29 more words


Thoughts of a revolutionary #19

There goes that weirdo
You can’t sit with us
Fuck it I don’t need friends
Anniston, she told me is never touch her and now it’s in… 192 more words

She's gone

It hurts to know you moved on
Even though it told you to move on
Hurts to know you’re so far gone
Even though I pushed you so far, I’m gone… 114 more words

Thoughts of a revolutionary #18 - ferguson

We get so distracted by the rhetoric
Ferguson and Mike Brown
Good kid, mad city
Or menace to society
Distraction to the fact that the only menace is society… 169 more words

Thoughts of a revolutionary # 17

What is crazy
But a lazy way to categorize
Something we don’t understand
Something new to our eyes
Something new to our mind
So we dull the world… 262 more words

Reflected Back To Me

I awoke today in a world
where mirrors were all gone.
I no longer could see myself,
and the things that I thought wrong.
Without my reflected flaws, 21 more words