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In The Ghetto MIX

Shooting Hoops In the Park

Wearing Hoodies in The Dark

Walking the streets at night

we are going to Hang tight

People, don’t you understand… 162 more words

Life And Crimes Of Mistress Rosie

Happy Givethankshing!

Stuffing on toothpicks,
mashed potatoes on ice,
gravy on plates,
corn by the slice,
sweet potatoes and mustard,
cranberries and vinaigrette,
the turkey in the dishwasher, 31 more words


Blogging 101: Write To Your Dream Reader

Dear dream reader, glad you’re here
Of spiritus mundi troubles my sight
Knowing you, knowing me in a sphere
Knocks, slaps and bumps in the night… 41 more words


Generation Empty

A lot of young* people I meet have such a bland view of life.  They’ve never experienced fullness from anything.  And when they think they’ve found something it’s really just a debased version of something great that they will hopefully experience when they get older.  415 more words


Short Reply

Once I wrote a letter,
asking for advice.
I sent it to a person,
who is known for being nice.
The reply I received,
was one word, 13 more words



1 curly caterpillar

2 slimy slugs

3 wriggly earwigs

4 shiny bugs

Hiding in a lettuce leaf

Having their lunch

Hear the creepy crawlies

Go crunch crunch crunch

Early Childhood


Here comes a caterpillar

Here comes a snail

Here comes a slug

With a slippery trail

Here comes a butterfly

Here comes a bee

How many creatures

Can you see ?

Early Childhood