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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 22

On my way to meet a friend for lunch…

Ran into this gorgeous colorful metal insect…

And it spoke to me…

In one instance it is telling me… 26 more words

Weekly Challange

Rest From Vacation

I needed rest from my busy life.
It was all work and no play.
I planned time to vacation.
I set aside some days.
When my days off were over, 18 more words



If nobody is typical
Than what is typical
Cyclical, elliptical
Cynicism prison
That we all hate to live in
Little package
Breaking past it… 40 more words

Writer's Block

Perhaps it’s easy for you to say. Write because you know you want to. Write because it’s what you do. But writing, like easy other thing, is easier said than done. 249 more words


Golf Poetry at its Best

Robert K. Risk and Grantland Rice are two of my favorite golf poets. This Blog (and my book) contain poems by both. I think I remember reading that Rice wrote more than 6000 poems throughout his lifetime. 361 more words


Simply Called "I"...

Heres is another song I created in a couple days. I just starring playing with my keyboard and one thing led to another, I was really feeling the beat and the beat told me what to write and rap about, next thing you know I have a song and Im sharing it with the world. 12 more words


Fears - Self

This train of thought has almost come to a train-wreck end. But before Fears ends I think I’ve gotten comfortable enough that I can share my biggest fear.  150 more words