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Here's To Me

A little thank you note,
to my guilty pleasure,
allowing me to write,
poems at my leisure.
To my imaginary self,
that I expose,
and use for humor. 25 more words


Rock-a-bye Baby

Rock a bye baby on a tree top
When the wind blows the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks the baby will fall
And down will come baby, cradle and all


Childhood: Rhymes and memories.

Childhood days- Indeed they were the best days of our life. There was no tension, dreams were flying high, possibilities had no limits, ever! Super- heroes were god, and studies were entertainment and fun. 578 more words

Work Free Weekends

Used to work every weekend
Now every weekend is off and there is more time to pretend
lofty goals of hoity-toity writing and reading
Holding aim on a microsoft OS connected to a mainframe, transmitting… 240 more words

Wale Drops Off His New Video "Followers"

Wale had dropped this song a few months back after the whole Meek vs Wale beef. There was plenty of talk saying that Wale wasn’t really MMG material, but he silence all the negative talk with this single. 51 more words



Words that rhyme,

Should be a crime,

They are nothing but slime.

Or so the barrister did say,

On a cold and chilly day,

To his lady shrew who walked with him, all the way. 303 more words

Non Classé

Muddling Mojitos in May

It is worth it – for the guest, and convenience to yourself – to allow the limes to simmer, let the oils start to shimmer and then smash them against glass, grind them finely against sugar, tear through the fresh mint leaves, add a tiny dash of liquor to help stimulate the mixture – it is worth it just to twist a rind around the small, smooth rim. 83 more words