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I’m told to be polite to my teacher.
And of course, to my principal, as well.
If I’m smart I’ll be polite to the policeman, 82 more words


Don't Black Out

I’d rather wallow in despair
Than not be aware
Blacked out with actions lacking of care
With no way to know what type of control… 74 more words


"same as the day she came"

A little girl she was and a little girl she’ll be,

A little girl who once sat upon her father’s knee.

A young woman she did grow, a young woman they did see, 40 more words


Adam To Eve

Bone of my bone,
flesh of my flesh,
desire for completeness,
interrupting rest.
Once of me,
now wholly realized,
Fantasy fails,
the truth idealized.



Opening Song

“Let’s All Clap”

Let’s all clap cause _____ is here,
____ is here, _____ is here
Let’s all clap cause _____ is here. 468 more words


Mark Nix Fun Fact #627

I don’t really see what the big deal is about Ebola. When I was growing up, we had one of their phones and made calls regularly on it. 81 more words

Eternal Knowledge

My spirit is eternal,
my soul will go on.
This my belief
I rest my hope upon.
But my flesh is merely mortal.
This I’ve come to know. 18 more words