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I Pondered

Sometimes it isn’t about the beat, the scheme, or flow. It’s more just how it’s heard.

Upon a clock I pondered how

Our time could fly away like sound.

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Stroke of Genius

This rhyme was set to Eminem’s “Role Model”. Like I’ve mentioned before he’s a heavy influence. I hope you like it.

I’m passing on my genes with every word you hear me utter,

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Insides out

I like slow walks along an isolated road on a cold night

The swift breeze on my face makes me forget all malice

I continue to tolerate ignorance, hate and failure despite… 103 more words

Midnight Desolation

Simple Mathematics

This one was written to Eminem’s Renegade. I’m not gonna lie, he’s been a huge inspiration for me when it comes to my rhymes. When I first heard “My Name Is” I knew he was going to blow up. 200 more words


Get The Data

This was sparked by Drake’s 0-100. I love the first half of the beat. It really got me going.

Get the data, run the numbers, bring me the analysis…

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Song Of Life

I am a person who often thinks and speaks in borrowed song lyrics. I often quote song lyrics to make a more colorful or a more forceful point. 437 more words

Rough Times

Sometimes, we have rough times. We all go through it. My escape and my recovery usually happens when I start writing. This poem is one my most recent studies in rhyme. 118 more words