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Cheers To Life

There are different stages for the matter of fact
The Actors hardly change
We the actors portray most of the Roles with quite ease
SO WE are better when we donot question the Script of Life… 80 more words


Come Have A Warm Welcome

I… Me, myself and only I
This chilling night

I’m tuning on
The heat of my verse
To give you a warm welcome

Be still your hearing… 70 more words


Revolutionary Changes on Planet

The increase continues Soltices, Equinoxs, Eclipses, Astromonical Aligments (my spell checker doesn’t like any of those spellings so please bare with me) are all opening door ways to major changes in the frequencies of the energy of our planet. 626 more words

Happy Easter Bakeliters

Happy Easter Bakeliters – found this gem for you. Serbian Church Trio ‘Christ Is Risen.’ Recorded in 1930. Love the rhythm.

Peter's Forgiveness: A Rhyme for Preschoolers

My friend who has been working with four-year-olds shared this in her newsletter yesterday and has given me permission to share it with you. Children that age love rhyme and as you know, some jingles continue to come to mind years after we learned it. 640 more words



I would love to play drums. Or learn how to play the djembe. Whatever. It would be nice if I had a decent rhythm though. Anyway, as I was listening to some worship music, I was compelled to see if drums had some sort of symbolic meaning. 72 more words


WOD (4-18-14)

(EMOM x 20)


5 – Dive Bombers

5 – SDLHP (65# / 35#)

(1 min. AMRAP)

SDLHP (65# / 35#)

CrossFit Rhythm