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Project files: The Bas***ds

What is it?
These are the files for my revised version of the “The Bastard” preamp and RIAA design (see blog posts here and here… 226 more words


Fighting Digital Content Piracy -- A Hopeless Cause?

Lets consider the existing laws as countermeasures to IP theft in the U.S., then briefly evaluate them based on their effectiveness in curtailing digital content piracy.  839 more words


A Look Back

2009: This week (April 1 to April 6) – 5 years ago

Record Labels: The 360 deal had a lot of headlines as financially challenged record labels began forcing acts to give up income from touring and merchandise for almost nothing in return. 503 more words


Record Contracts FULL ARTICLE

This post is a long one; literally my post about getting signed followed by my post about the RIAA. Since I haven’t posted in a while I figured I’d put these two together, so that all my info about what it means to get signed is in one place. 2,636 more words


Stream Me Up, Scotty!

The RIAA released its 2013 report that contained stats for the sales of recorded music. Overall revenues remained constant, but the revenue from streaming services continues to grow at a torrid pace. 57 more words

The recorded music market in the US, 2000-2013

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) recently published the sales figures (shipment figures) for the recorded music market in the US for 2013. Accordingly, digital sales increased by 7.6 percent to US$ 4.36bn from 2012 to 2013. 946 more words

CD Sales

Harmonic Dissident

How One Young Composer Writes Sex Jams about Neuroscience and Took on the Recording Industry

Kirk Pearson releases all of his music for free, which is probably how they found him. 1,459 more words