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Cloud Computing for iTunes and the RIAA is interested?

Whenever some new use of the internet to download music comes along, the Recording Industry Association of America tries to shut the action down through litigation . 490 more words


Avengers: Age of Google

Una Corte Federale della California ha accolto l’istanza formulata dalla Marvel ed ordinato a Google di fornire tutti i dati necessari per identificare l’autore della diffusione non autorizzata del trailer di Avengers: Age of Ultron. 353 more words


This Day in Music History — November 1

1965 : The Rolling Stones’ concert in Rochester, NY, ends abruptly when 3,000 rabid fans storm the stage after just seven minutes. After three more attempts to resume the show, it’s canceled by police, with only six songs having been played. 153 more words

This Day In Music

No Platinum Records in 2014, plagiarism legalized

2014. What a shitty year for music. Country is completely nonexistent, rock is headed straight in that same direction, and pop… well pop just lowers the bar every year so there’s really no surprise there. 651 more words


Music Overload, Fans And Platinum Albums

Back in the past there used to be about a thousand metal and rock releases a year and from those releases only a few got traction and if an artist didn’t get traction or press they were doomed. 666 more words


Record Industry Dismayed By Lack of Cassette Sales

The RIAA has revealed that despite releasing various albums on cassette tapes that no one asked for, the sales numbers are shockingly low. In the year of 2014, not one cassette released this year has sold more than 50 copies. 131 more words