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The Very Berry

This one is like a healthy drink or a smoothie- just less healthy with the alcohol! :P Normally I’m all about my citrus fruits in cocktails but I thought I’d give this one a try! 85 more words

The Life and Death of the year 2014

I feel I’ve become the latest  addition to ‘Gone Girl’ as I haven’t really posted much since November. I’ve had far too many hospital trips and treatments than I cared for,  so it really has been a long trip to the North Pole and back. 713 more words

Advent Calender #6: Battleship

Let’s be honest, Christmas is rarely the season of peace and love it is billed as. Sometimes it can be a war-zone. Literally. All right well not literally, but in the 6th instalment of our Advent Calender series, Jeanette Karen tells us why 2012 flop  559 more words

Advent Calender