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Yes campaign falls short, but its legacy must endure

Pete Cannell reflects on a momentous referendum campaign, the significance of which goes far beyond the result.

The enduring legacy of the last few weeks and months in Scotland will be the energy, clarity and vision of all those grass roots campaigners who campaigned for a Yes vote. 357 more words


The class divide is clear to see over the Scottish independence referendum

Hanif Leylabi gives his impressions of #indyref day

The energy and debate generated by the referendum was clear from the moment my train pulled up at its first Scottish stop. 462 more words


Huge turnout as Scots head to the polls

Graham Campbell reports from Glasgow

George Square last night was like Glastonbury. 10,000 people filling the square and a joyous party atmosphere: mostly, but not exclusively younger people. 331 more words


Confidence and empowerment against pessimism and cynicism in Scottish referendum

Ahead of tomorrow’s historic Scottish independence referendum, Nicholas Cimini tackles some of the arguments coming from the left in support of No

In support of a No vote in tomorrow’s independence referendum, there are some Labour supporters, and others on the left, who warn against the dangers of identity politics and Scottish nationalism, stressing the need for unity and solidarity with people in England and Wales. 773 more words


Photography Lesson 1: Pinhole cameras

Students on the GCSE Photography course hit the ground running this term by bringing in boxes to their first lesson and making them into pinhole cameras. 232 more words


Something’s going on in Scotland

Pat Smith, from the International Socialists Scotland and the Radical Independence Campaign in Edinburgh, makes a case for why socialists should support Scottish Independence… 342 more words


Interracial Attacks That the Media Ignored

From FrontPage Mag
September 12, 2014   |   By Jack Kerwick

For weeks on end, the police shooting death of a black man in Ferguson, Missouri by a white officer had managed to remain front and center on the national stage.  658 more words