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TVE Backs Mateo Gil's Sci-fi pic 'Project Lazarus'

Mateo Gil, co-writer of Alejandro Amenabar’s Oscar-winner “The Sea Inside” and director of Sam Shepard-starred “Blackthorn,” is attached to direct sci-fi film “Project Lazarus.”

The English-language pic, a reflection on inmortality, is set in 2074, when for the first time in history, a medical corporation succeeds in reviving a man cryogenized 60 years ago. 243 more words

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Relatos Salvajes

Le experiencia cinematográfica Argentina del año. Un rejunte de seis historias no conectadas, pero que comparten increíbles coincidencias, gente que no aguanto mas, pelea de clases sociales y sobre todo bronca, mucha bronca. 95 more words


El argentino es un animal grotesco 74 more words

De Acá

Movie and More Nachos

We went to see Relatos Salvajes, my second movie to watch in castellano. The first time was How to Train Your Dragon 2, which was a lot easier as it was animated and made for a younger audience. 181 more words



“Lo bueno de esta película es que no parece argentina!”. Cuantas veces hemos, o al menos he escuchado esta frase, especialmente luego de ver “Tiempo de Valientes” 584 more words

Séptimo (Seventh Floor) Review

The landmark television series Twin Peaks initially focused on the death of the young, beautiful homecoming queen Laura Palmer and the subsequent search for her killer. 532 more words


"Wild Tales" (Relatos salvajes) Review: Argentina cinema takes a walk on the wild side

By Benjamín Harguindey

It’s hard to define the genre to which Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes) belongs, but it’s probably something along the lines of dark satire. 749 more words

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