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Trying New Things

Okay, so yesterday was SO much fun!

Yesterday, we went to my brother-in-law’s mum’s house, and at first i wasn’t so sure on the idea. None of you will believe this, but i’m actually really shy! 303 more words


It’s nice to cook when I’m not too busy! My first time making rice and peas!

Find the recipe here
N.B I did leave out the allspice berries and spring onion, but I did substitute these for mixed herbs. 13 more words

Endeavour: Mindset, Body And Spirit

Spicy Chicken with Rice and Peas

I really love my spices and I wanted to try something that I had not done before, so I did a bit of online reading and decided to do my take on a Jamaican classic – jerk chicken with rice and peas. 592 more words


I mowed the lawn!


First proper effort in the garden today and delighted it was dry enough to mow the lawn. My boy was like a spring lamb, jumping over stuff, jumping on the trampoline and begging me to use the axe to chop at some storm wood we dragged from the Chine. 213 more words

Yummy Jamaican Rice and Beans in Your Rice Cooker

Rice and beans has just a few ingredients, but for me, cooking it can be surprisingly high maintenance. It’s hard to know just how much water to add and exactly when to turn off the heat, and even with a watchful eye the bottom of the pan always seems to burn. 241 more words


Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas

A bbq classic which can be enjoyed all year round. Chicken (on the bone of course!) is marinated in a fiery jerk seasoning before being oven baked then finished on the griddle. 296 more words


Don't be a victim the internet can save you!

The internet is honestly the best thing that has happened to mankind since slice bread, that  part isn’t even debatable. It can honestly do a myriad of things, and most importantly it can educate you on even the obscurest of topics! 168 more words