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Congratulations Chef Danielle...

It was a cold Tuesday night in Lang Fang, Hebei (a city just outside of Beijing). I was lying in bed after a long day of dishwashing (more about that in later posts). 285 more words

Sunday mornings are for....

…walking the dog in yoga pants, a second cup of tea, hot buttered rice and peas with a poached egg on top, listening to winter’s birds, the intermittent sound of cars on… 39 more words


Grandma Chickie's Rice & Peas

Wait so… did I tell you about the time I made a VAT of rice and peas, on accident? Yeah… that’s what I get for blindly following Grandma Chickie’s recipe (read: visual instructions that I haphazardly jotted down whilst chasing her around the kitchen trying to figure out what and how much she was adding when… per usual). 364 more words


The Jamaican Ways cafe - Excellent Caribbean fare


Jamaican Ways on Hartley Road in Radford is a Caribbean café and restaurant serving up good honest selection of Caribbean fare. As you walk in to order you are greeted by the large brightly coloured menu board offering all the standard offerings such as Jerk Chicken, Brown Stew Chicken, Mutton Curry, and Rice and Peas. 972 more words

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