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mad fo' chicks ! ;)

k: fried chicken / ddeok (rice cake) / potato place! the cheesy ddeokbokki here is actually really good hehe, not too chilli. & hells yeah to the potato, SO oily and bad for me but so delicious. 31 more words


10 Low Calorie Munchies

1. Sliced or Diced Apples

2. 100 Calorie Plain Popcorn Bag Topped with Cinnamon and Salt

3. Single Serving of Chips and Salsa

4. Frozen Grapes… 25 more words


Blenders are good… 3. June 2014


Watermelon milkshake

Macaroni and cheese with avocado salad, rice cake with ham


Best Yummy Tteokbokki Places in Seoul

Best Yummy Tteokbokki Places in Seoul

Wanna eat authentic (or popular to local Koreans) Tteokbokki when you visit Korea? Wanna know where you can find places for it? 63 more words


pretty rice cake

 Today’s last post is rice cake!!

we call this ‘baram tteok’ and it means ‘wind rice cake’ :)

< Ingredients >

rice 2kg

boiled sweet pumpkin 2 tablespoons… 185 more words

Mom's Cook

Korean Kitchenette: Tteokbokki

I’ve incorporated a good deal of familiar Korean ingredients into my diet here, but others have deterred me from cooking Korean food at home. For example, kelp? 418 more words