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Bánh Bèo: Steamed rice pancakes with minced shrimp and mung beans

Vietnamese people love to snack throughout the day so street food in Viet Nam is ubiquitous and varies depending on the region. Bánh bèo is a really good example of this. 713 more words


Have a rice cake! Have a tangerine! Why not have both with the visually stunning mikan daifuku?

Eating sweet tangerines, or mikan as we call them here, while snuggled in a warm kotatsu table is a favorite winter pastime in Japan. (And believe us when we say it becomes a struggle to leave the comfortable warmth of the… 613 more words


Bibingka Cookies

It’s the last month of the year once again…time really do fly fast! With the holidays fast approaching, an inspiration hit me…why not do something with a Filipino traditional Christmas staple and turn it into something that can be munched on…turn bibingka into cookies! 26 more words


K-Pop Academy Week 8: K-Fashion

we started off with a quick lecture about Hanbok, history, the cutting, colours, designs etc

then we were told to pick a hanbok to wear (fun!!!) 107 more words

K-Pop Academy

Squash Kale Soup and Warm Coconut Spread

Sometimes a cold snowy night is a bowl of steaming soup and warm buttery spreads. Tonight it was a thick butternut squash soup and warm coconut butter on a quinoa cake (a new find). 420 more words


Rice cakes!

Rice cakes are amazing, how can such a simple thing be so good? I prefer mine fried to crisp perfection with a little soft almost gooey center and served with soy and sesame oil or dragon sauce. 90 more words



Patbingsoo is a popular dessert eaten in Korea during the summer. Although the weather’s cold now since fall is here, I love to have it anytime I want something refreshing throughout the year! 287 more words