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Samoa Rice Krispie Treats (makes ~12)

Grocery shopping with friends is tough. Up and down every aisle, many of which I can completely cross off my typical route because I can’t eat anything in most of the store. 231 more words

Egg Free

Fan Fiction Fight Night: Batman vs. Hunger Games

Every week I pit two random fan fiction stories from separate intellectual properties against each other, all for the purpose of providing the answer to a question you’ve probably never asked yourself: What fan fiction is most worth reading? 1,137 more words

The Best and Easiest Rice Krispie Treats

I’ve heard a lot of people say that Rice Krispie treats are just a kids’ treat. Something that moms make for bake sales. But why stop making them when the kids grow up? 279 more words


it's gettin' sticky

rice krispie treats
My most favorite, super easy treat to make, is rice krispie treats. Simple and delicious. I don’t need to tell you the recipe. 168 more words


What I'm Cooking This Week [1]

I’ve always been interested in cooking. Growing up, my parents cooked often and on Sunday nights I’d serve as my dad’s sous chef. It always impressed me how we was able to bring the ingredients together to create one delicious dish. 147 more words


cookies & cream bars

Happy Monday, ya’ll! No better way to start the week than with a dessert that requires no baking, takes less than 20 minutes and uses only 4 ingredients. 190 more words


Pink Rose Swirls and Pony Birthday Party

My daughter once again picked a pony theme for her birthday, but this year the color of choice was pink….finally!  Last year I’d already purchased all of the decorations…in pink…when I was informed by my darling daughter that “blue is the new pink, Mom!”  (See last year’s blue ombré pony cake.)  Who knew a 6-yr-old could be so opinionated?!   180 more words