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Fatet Dajaj - فتة دجاج

Fatet recipes use day old pita bread that is soaked in a special sauce and layered with a main ingredient  like chicken or eggplant. This recipe uses chicken and rice. 304 more words

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Curry Deopbap

Way way waaaaaaaay back, when I first moved to Korea and Korean food scared me a bit and I couldn’t read enough Korean to figure out what I should order, I used to order this a lot.   71 more words


Japanese Beef Curry

I first tried this curry when I lived in Hiroshima, Japan many years ago.  I had tried other curries before, but this was very different and delicious.  334 more words


Greek Rice with Soft Boiled Egg

My goodness this is delicious! I love pairing grains with eggs, but this dish is a new discovery for me. Tomatoes, spinach, feta… how could you go wrong? 411 more words


Spicy Sausage Jambalaya

Here’s a recipe that’s long been a family favourite, but I’d found it tricky to calculate the carbs by weight as rice, vegetables and sausages are all in one dish.   238 more words


Easy Rice Pudding

I first made rice pudding a few months ago and I couldn’t make it fast enough. That is, that my husband, my son, and myself, would eat it up so fast that I was making a batch every couple of days. 183 more words


Sausage rice

Easing in: Simple recipes for beginners

One of the best ways to ease into cooking a more ‘complex’ recipe, is by using pre-processed ingredients so you can focus on other aspects of the dish. 660 more words

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