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Real Estate Investing - The Concept

In kachinc.com, we like to keep it simple. Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Real estate investing, in its most basic concept is the same as playing Monopoly. 195 more words

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Buku | Ayah Kaya Tidak Kaya

Mematahkan Teori-teori Spekulatif Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Robert T. Kiyosaki “Siapa yang tak pernah membaca buku Rich Dad, Poor Dad karya Robert T. Kiyosaki yang terkenal itu? 109 more words


Rich Guru, Poor Guru

Hooray! Uncle Bob is coming to London at the end of September!

I can already feel my pants getting heavy.

Uncle Bob is a really famous dude from the island, who’s claim to fame is that he was on… 411 more words


Broad Hint About Rich Dad Education


Rich Dad Education is an exceptional company that is devoted and very passionate in elevating well-beings of people in terms of their financial walks in life. 444 more words


Stuff I Learned from my Rich Dad


When I was growing up, I asked my parents if we were rich. They replied that we were okay, better off than most (not their exact words). 680 more words

Personal Finance

College; becoming obsolete -- Our generation's search for a better path

It seems as though most people believe¬†that education solves nearly every problem that plagues humanity. It’s an easy go to. Just the other day I was talking to a friend about a relative who was stuck in a circle of poverty and government assistance. 1,203 more words