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My favorite tv shows

Two blogs on the same day? I know, lame. After I decided to do another blog to prove to myself that I kinda sorta know what I am doing here, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite TV shows (I know, very myspace of me) that I absolutely watch over and over again.  255 more words

Nicole Richie

I have never felt like a rich kid.

Even though I’ve grown up in a relatively prosperous town, was raised by parents who were and are professionally successful, attended a private Christian school for thirteen years, and received financial assistance and emotional guidance from my family during college – I’ve never felt like a rich kid. 673 more words

About Jay's Life

Why I Hate 'Em RiCH KiD$ (Blog + Stream/Download)

What up! I’ve been working hard all summer on giving y’all some new music so I’m extremely excited to release my latest single “RiCH KiD$”. Since it’s my first release in awhile I wanted to provide insight as to where my head was when I wrote the joint…

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We’ve spent most of the summer working on bringing y’all some quality new music and I’m proud to announce I’ll be releasing my new single… 24 more words

The Daily Read: You Know You Went To Private School When…

Last night after a busy shift at work I went out with a few of my coworkers for a drink across the street because, why not? 985 more words

The Daily Read