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The Rich Kids of Distraction

The cycle of news isn’t much about the news anymore. Sure you might get the odd smattering of articles about conflicts in faraway lands, but these tend to heinously sit second rate next to the pieces about celebrity faux pas and “you’ll never guess what happened next”. 486 more words


Dear Diary: Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go to Ibiza

“I can’t wait to bend a girl over the yacht and get her.” Freddy said as we looked back at Ibiza’s shore line.

“You are so ridiculous I don’t understand how you ever get laid.” I said shaking my head at Freddy as he smiled and sipped champagne. 635 more words

Do Rich Kids Owe Their Parents Money?

When a child is successful and rich do they owe their family and have to fund them? Your Thoughts….

Bet On Black

Morgan Stewart: PrettylittleRICHgirl

This sexy betch is Morgan Stewart
from The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Her dad is, I guess, a famous architect, who designed their house which was then bought by Demi Moore and  Ashton,  which is how I assume she has enough money to literally do nothing all day. 234 more words


"Rich Kids of Tehran" are back on Instagram

An Instagram account which shows the young Iranians flaunting their luxury lifestyles on social media have started a new account to defend their actions after they old account… 329 more words


Day 319: The Unhappiness of the Super Rich

Yes we all know the rich aren’t happy and that money doesn’t buy you happiness. We look at all the rich and we know they aren’t any happier than the rest of us. 886 more words

Cramping the life-style of the rich kids

Urban Lebanese Rich Kids: Syrian refugees in the neighbourhood cramping life-style

I can’t remember the last time I had brunch comfortably, like with no thoughts in my head. 470 more words