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As the name suggests, affluenza is fittingly termed to demonstrate its likeness to both affluence and the flu. This relatively new portmanteau, gained recognition from last years drunk-driving trial of Texan teen, Ethan Couch. 853 more words

The Formula

Thowz Rich Kidz

I ride my wrecked Mitsi of a gun down the grandeur of Hamptons and I saw kids who are not so kid looking on their ferrari converts and pumping up those thug, swag sonata that seems like the singer needs a break to really talk like a normal person. 119 more words

Startup Posers

When I think of a business owner, I think of a hard worker, a hustler, someone who has street skills and knows how to seamlessly connect with people. 1,185 more words

mo money, no problems

happy one day past ivy day, yall. wanna know what youre in for, class of 2018? read up.



i wanna meet the person behind the whole “money isnt happiness” movement. 336 more words

FIIIXER of the Week: 15-Year Old Millionaire Technology Mogul Jaylen Bledsoe Already Has Company Worth $3.5 Million

15-year Jaylen Bledsoe, CEO of Bledsoe Technologies, has an individual net worth of just over $1 million, and a company worth $3 million. And he’s just getting started.


Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills episode 8 streaming (video and review)

Starring some  rich kids, this show is full of crap fashion for the ones that love it ! I mean it is a real store, last episode was starring a girl buying those 40 000$ Chanel boots that Beyoncé has in her Flawless music video but anyway ! 110 more words