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All the way in Flagstaff, Arizona by Richard Bausch

Sitting in the shaded cool quiet of St. Paul’s Church in Flagstaff, Walter remembers a family picnic. This memory is two years old, but nothing ever fades from it. 265 more words


The person I have mostly become by Richard Bausch

Fridays my mother cleans at the Wiltons’, and last week she said the lady, Mrs. Wilton, asked her if she knew anyone, meaning me, who can give an estimate on some remodeling work. 80 more words


Tandolfo the Great by Richard Bausch

“Tandolfo,” he says to his own image in the mirror over the bathroom sink. “She loves you not, oh, she doesn’t, you poor fool.”

Richard Bausch – Tandolfo the Great in Aren’t You Happy For Me? 18 more words


Aren't You Happy for Me? by Richard Bausch

“William Coombs, with two o’s,” Melanie Ballinger told her father over long distance. “Pronounced just like the thing you comb your hair with. Say it.” 238 more words