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The Mountains of the Moon

1) Describe the following characters: Richard Burton, John H. Speke, Isabel Burton, Lowry.    

Richard Burton is a traveller, a man of the world. He has an insatiable appetite of adventure and knowledge and a great sense of honor. 712 more words


So Bad It's Good: Get Possessed by the Boredom of 'Exorcist II: The Heretic'

Bad movies are not a simple matter. There are nearly as many categories of terrible movies as there are for great ones: there are films that are insultingly stupid ( 1,164 more words


Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton

Rice, Edward. Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton: the Secret Agent Who Made the Pilgrimage to Mecca, Discovered the Kama Sutra, and Brought the Arabian Nights to the West. 160 more words

Book Reviews

Cleopatra (1963)

Toilet Review: One heck of a long movie, but absolutely beautiful.

First off, apologies for not updating in so long. Over the past month and a bit, I have been moving myself and my husband halfway around the world to Toronto, Canada. 378 more words


Films: Remembering A Bridget Too Far and more!

The war was good for Hollywood. When you look back, it supplied a nearly endless supply of material for movies. From “The Longest Day” to “the Battle of the Bulge” to “The Americanization of Emily” to  “Where Eagles Dare” to “The Great Escape” and on and on. 279 more words


A Musical Revolution - by Peter Grant


The power of music to stimulate emotion, to excite, and to relate together people, emotions and memories, has been used in cinema since the first battered piano, tinkling in a stuffy hall, put some life into the first jerky love-scene, or imitated galloping horses with hurry music. 1,045 more words

Throwback Thursday

Elizabeth Taylor wearing her fabulous 69.4 carats Burton-Taylor diamond, set for her by Cartier in 1969.