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Shift focus away from the problem/solution paradigm

The usual adage in personal growth writing on problem solving is that success is more likely if we shift the bulk of our attention to the potential solution(s) instead of fretting about the problem. 185 more words

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Houston, We Have An Overreaction

I, like many people, have a tendency to overreact sometimes. Maybe more than the average person. I have screamed bloody murder upon stubbing my toe, not because that’s how badly it hurt, but simply out of frustration of what seemed like a multitude of things going wrong in one day. 385 more words

Four Pearls of “Wisdom” We Should Outlaw TODAY

Ready to tell me I’m over-thinking this and being too negative? Too bad. I’m a writer deep in a depressive episode. You are welcome to rebut my take on these aphoristic affronts to the psyche on your own blog, with lots of smiley emoticons. 1,170 more words


Solving problems: Thought, circumstances, reality

When we work on our programs of self-improvement, one of the biggest obstacles to success can be how we think about the problems that we all inevitably face as part of living. 316 more words

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The Amazing Mr. X (1948)

Here is an independent production from Eagle Lion Films that is a low budget gem worth seeking out. Lynn Bari is a grieving widow whose sister Cathy O’Donnell is urging her to move on and re-marry handsome lawyer Richard Carlson. 357 more words

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# 43 Respond to Anger With a Search for Understanding

       You do not have to respond to anger with anger. You can respond with a search for understanding. Richard Carlson, in his book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, … 187 more words


The Book That Started it All

Was bought by my husband as a birthday gift (I asked for it anyway) because we thought this can tame my anxiety attacks.

Written by Richard Carlson, this book will tackle how you can lessen stress in life, work and on handling money. 19 more words

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff