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Does Richard Dawkins Have Asperger's Syndrome?

The signs are there: an empathy deficit, an over-reliance on logical reasoning, extreme stubbornness, and (obviously) the huge science geekery. Just a thought.


A Última Superstição

Volta e meia, o filósofo Olavo de Carvalho  fala nos seus cursos sobre a quase impossibilidade de debater com o ignorante. O obstáculo ao debate seria a necessidade de fornecer ao oponente toda a educação que lhe falta, o que levaria um tempo e um esforço cujos limites do meio de interação não permitem. 901 more words

The Air Force Scandal Shows Secular Americans Still Need Equal Rights

It took the threat of a lawsuit before the Air Force agreed on Wednesday to allow airmen to omit the phrase “So help me God” as part of a required oath. 692 more words

Shit that Pissed me off - 9/19

Almost Everything About the Adrian Peterson Story

First, I’m upset that this entire story is turning into a question of what parents are “allowed” to do to discipline their child. 1,205 more words


Origin Issues: The Struggle To Cut God Out

Despite what you may have learned in school or picked up at your local Barnes and Noble lately, the issue of origin has not been settled in the hearts and minds of your fellow humans. 696 more words


Richard Dawkins does not speak for me

“Well duh, Bethany. He is such an ass” – a friend, 29.

I know, I know. I tend to ignore Dawkins’ horrific repertoire since his ableist stance on his advocation for aborting fetuses with Down Syndrome. 814 more words

“We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born.

85 more words