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late night posting

Lying in bed and finding typing difficult to do with any sense of rhythm.

I have Clifford Brown queued up on the iPod and Dawkins as my nighttime reading. 100 more words

Othe Blogs And Other Interesting Things.

Know Your Enemy: God's Not Dead's Other Failure

The second-biggest problem with the recent film God’s Not Dead, just behind its devotion to errant Western philosophy, is its inability to accurately depict the beliefs and behaviors of most modern “New Atheists”, the film’s primary target in evangelization.   740 more words


A Defense of Spirituality (from my facebook)

This is my final ‘ripped from facebook’ post (for now, anyway). This is my most recent essay, and it is quite long. Enjoy…

I, as you probably know, am a physics student. 3,116 more words

212. cuittle

On Sunday, in the Wall Street Journal online, writer Dave Shiflett penned an opinion piece about the upcoming American Atheists convention in Salt Lake City, Utah — on Thursday, in fact: “ 1,003 more words


Evolution, Fact, or Religion?

Over the course of time, many myths have arisen. Many idiotic, hair-brained theories with absolutely no evidence have been accepted as truth.

Five hundred years ago, the entire scientific community was convinced that the earth was completely flat. 1,214 more words