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The Selfish Gene Illusion

Richard Dawkins regards evolution as a process which is driven by and operates for the benefit of  genes. He expressed this fairly clearly in The Extended Phenotype. 3,295 more words

Innate Deceiver

Upcoming Movies For 2015

We here at TACP have recently gotten into the movie producing business. We have several films in various stages of production that we plan on releasing in 2015. 426 more words

Religious And Political Satire, Cynicism, And Humor

The Old Testament: What It Really Teaches

Non-Christians have often accused the Old Testament of teaching violence, injustice, genocide, and racial prejudice. Even some who claim to be Christian distance themselves from the Old Testament and act as though God’s nature changed from the Old to the New, as if He were once a sour old crab, until His Son died on the cross and then God turned into a cosmic teddy bear who accepts everyone. 5,562 more words

Religious Freedom


An exaptation is just one example of a characteristic that evolved, but that is not considered an adaptation. Stephen Gould and Elizabeth Vrba proposed the vocabulary to let biologists talk about features that are and are not adaptations: 114 more words


How to encourage parents with disabled children

My friend Rick put together a short list of things that parents of kids with disabilities appreciate hearing:

1. “I love his/her smile.” Or think of some other beautiful reflection of their humanity worth noting.

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Sanctity Of Life

Even Stranger Bedfellows

Among the aborted short stories still drifting in the back of my mind was a piece about the…I don’t know exactly who he was supposed to be exactly. 1,497 more words

The Incoherence of Oliver Sacks and the Appropriate Use of the Bible

Theists responding to atheism often indulge in logical fallacies: they try to save religion by attacking atheism, not on its core arguments, but on the edges. 1,213 more words