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Running with Richard Feynman: Day 1

This is yet another stupid experiment, and I don’t know whether it would be successful or not.

So, from sometime I’ve been doing this task of running daily in the evening to stay fit, otherwise (when all you do is sit in front of your laptop) you know one develops various kind of unhealthy symptoms and ultimately become unfit for even common usual tasks. 841 more words


On Ants and Humans

Ants – a subject I know little about, but one which fascinates me. I know I am not alone in this. Have you ever watched ants go about their daily activities for any extended period of time? 1,748 more words

Human Nature

I'm afraid of being shoved in a box: On being diagnosed

I hate being labeled. When I joined Facebook, I refused to answer most of those profile questions. I always feel like there’s more to me than these categories can convey. 1,199 more words


I’m Theoretically a Theoretical Physicist . . . . In Theory

Time for a little confession. I nearly flunked my college physics courses. Well, maybe I wasn’t close to flunking, but it sure felt like I was. 576 more words

Futurism And The Tomorrow Mill

Science and Faith: An Encounter with A Brief History of Time

  I have just finished rereading A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking. What a marvelous book! Hawking explains ideas beautifully, almost convincing me that I understand what he is saying. 1,104 more words


The double slit experiment and the utter strangeness of quantum mechanics

Occasionally I remark about how illogical quantum mechanics is.  Sometimes people either insist that it is logical, or simply assert some simple explanation that shows they don’t really get how utterly strange this stuff is. 166 more words


The Meaning of It All - Thoughts of a Citizen Scientist



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The Uncertainty of Science

I WANT TO ADDRESS myself directly to the impact of science on man’s ideas in other fields, a subject Mr.

6,983 more words