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Little less "Balogna"... a lot more "Ham"

Hands down, This probably will be the best Ted Talk I have ever watched.

The First Law of Data Science: Do Umbrellas Cause Rain?


This was something I saw in kdnuggets.com.

It is from Dr. Michael L. Brodie (CSAIL, MIT) and was originally published in June 2014. 379 more words


Richard Feynman on his approach to making assumptions

In brief

In Design thinking, making assumptions is not used as tool to define the problem, but to “reality-check” previously generated solution options and narrow down on the solutions that can be tested. 506 more words

Design Thinking

Quantum Entangled in Mangled Language

“We have been subjected to a word salad of scientific jargon”, that is what I wish I had called this blog post. The words of Richard Dawkins while debating Deepak Chopra. 990 more words

The Strange Theory of Light and Matter (I)

I am of the opinion that Richard Feynman’s wonderful little common-sense introduction to the ‘uncommon-sensy‘ theory of quantum electrodynamics (The Strange Theory of Light and Matter… 7,890 more words


Assuming too little too often

Nobel prize-winner Richard Feynman, while visiting his old high school, was surprised to find that his grades there were not as good as he remembered and that his IQ level was reported as being only a bit above average. 116 more words