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Fed Papers Pose Bail-in — 'And How!' — as Solution to TBTF

The Federal Reserve released on March 25 a series of papers written by its researchers at the New York and Minneapolis Federal Reserve Banks. Most publicized in the media is a paper by a New York Fed research team, which finds that the dozen largest U.S.-based banks continue to have a “cost of funds” advantage over regional banks and community banks, amounting to ..3 to .4%. 263 more words

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New York Fed Report Shows TBTF Banks Get Special Treatment; Richard Fisher Cites Reports Reiterating Dodd-Frank Failure

The New York Federal Reserve Bank has released publicly a series of reports showing that the too-big-to-fail banks have benefited from special privileges denied to smaller commercial and regional banks. 331 more words

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High Federal Reserve Official Admits that Fed Policy Aims to Make the Rich Even Richer

David Stockman served as President Reagan’s budget director. He became famous (or infamous) for criticizing Reagan’s economic policies as favoring the rich. From his newest article: 178 more words


How much slack does the U.S. labor market really have?

U.S. labor market slack, the unused part of economic production capacity, is an important economic indicator used by the Federal Reserve to determine forward guidance. The question is how much slack the FOMC thinks there is. 1,039 more words


FED for Thought

Past week I attended a Richard Fisher’s conference at Mexico City. You can read the whole thing here at the Fed’s site. Although the majority of the speech is a recap of the Old Well Known Financial Crisis, Q&A’s session was quite enlightening. 245 more words

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Why Fed Inflation-Phobia Mattered

Last week I posted an item summarizing Matthew O’Brien’s article about the just-released transcripts of FOMC meetings in June, August and September of 2008. I spiced up my summary by quoting from and commenting on some of the more outrageous quotes that O’Brien culled from the transcripts, quotes showing that most of the FOMC, including Ben Bernanke, were obsessing about inflation while unemployment was rising rapidly and the economy contracting sharply. 1,120 more words

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The Economic Recovery Problem in One Simple Graph

While listening to a recent Richard Fisher interview I was reminded of the main problem of this current sloooow economic recovery. The US Economy is certainly growing, bu it has not grown at its fullest potential and continues to plod along at a slow pace. 225 more words