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Eleanor, 'the Pearl of Brittany'

Eleanor of Brittany was born around 1184, the daughter of Geoffrey Plantagenet Duke of Brittany by right of his wife, and Constance of Brittany. Described as beautiful, she has been called the Pearl, the Fair Maid and the Beauty of Brittany. 711 more words

Arthur of Brittany

A Plantagenet prince, Arthur of Brittany’s story is one of the most tragic of the Medieval period. The posthumous son of Geoffrey, 4th son of Henry II of England, and Constance of Brittany, he was Duke of Brittany from the moment of his birth. 623 more words

Prince John and the first use of an iconic English phrase

On hearing of Richard I’s release from his German prison, Prince John wrote to the King of France, saying how ‘heureux’ he was that his brother was on his way home, and that he was going to Nottingham Castle to prepare a Welcome Home Party. 545 more words

Another historical anachronism

Richard III, as we know, was originally buried by the Leicester Greyfriars or Franciscans, with whom his family had something of a connection.

In an earlier era, the (fictional) Friar Tuck is portrayed as an associate of Robin Hood, resisting Prince John’s assumption of power in Richard I’s absence. 33 more words

28th December 1065. The Last Anglo-Saxon Royal Saint.

King Edward the Confessor was referred ┬áto in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as ‘most pious’ and as having the ‘power of healing those with the evil or scrofula’.(1) 556 more words


Middle Child Syndrome - Middle Ages Style

The general belief is that Middle Child Syndrome occurs when the middle child of a family feels hard done by – they feel that they get the blame for everything, that what they do is never good enough and that life is, basically, unfair. 589 more words


On This Day in History: September 3rd

In the second to final lecture, a familiar date seemed to be popping up quite a bit: September 3rd. I found it interesting that within a 45 minute lecture covering the Glorious Revolution, September 3rd appeared at least three times. 659 more words