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Richard III's back!

Despite clear explanations by a spinal expert, the exact nature of Richard III’s spinal curvature is still being misconstrued and misunderstood. As an osteopath, I feel I am in a position to shed some definitive light on it. 663 more words

Richard suddenly realised he wasn't cut out to be a superstar....!

King Richard took one look around the stage curtain and decided there and then that this would be his first and last public appearance before his adoring fans. 6 more words

Reasons Why Richard III Loved the North, with Specific Reference to Yorkshire, his most Beloved Country

I had planned another serious blog for today, exploring the differences in looks, personalities and characters of Richard of Shrewsbury and Perkin Warbeck, but due to my particularly unfortunate personal circumstances this week, I have decided to take a light hearted look at the reasons why Richard of Gloucester who became Richard III, liked the North of England. 2,022 more words

Henry Tudor, Richard III and the Stanleys

History has painted the Stanley brothers as the greatest fence sitters of all time, only joining the fray after the battle was over. Much of this interpretation comes from a single line in Polydor Virgil’s account of the battle of Bosworth which said “withall to Thomas Stanley, who was now approchyd the place of fight, as in the mydde way betwixt the two battaylles, that he wold coom to with his forces, to sett the soldiers in aray.” In much the same way, another line which says that Richard was on Ambion Hill, was for several hundred years, taken to mean that the battle was fought on the hill itself. 2,237 more words

Battle Of Bosworth

The Lost Love-Child of Richard III and Elizabeth of York.

As if there are not beguiling mysteries enough out there, I must press upon your patience once more to relate a little adventure of mine, which has uncovered yet another unexpected truth at the heart of Yorkist family politics. 1,729 more words

Lost and Found: Using Modern Science to Uncover Richard III

It only took them 527 years to find King Richard III.

The final resting place of this British monarch, killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, was lost until only recently. 1,593 more words


Richard III: Week 11

In this week my partner and I have had our final meeting before the end of the first semester. We discussed the wiki piece and concluded that I will mainly focus on the following topics: cause of death, diet, Richard’s age, the excavation process (clues that led to discovery,excavation techniques etc.) and facial reconstruction. 71 more words

Richard III