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Anatheism: A Third Way

Note: I originally wrote this for my recently created second blog, anatheistchristian. However, it occurred to me that the topic is very much in line with the original intention of this blog as a sort of depository space for my thoughts on all things philosophy, politics, theology, and culture–especially at the intersection of all of these. 2,099 more words


Anatheism: A Third Way

“The biggest no to theism in our modern era,” writes Richard Kearney, “was not Nietzsche’s philosophical announcement of the death of “God” in 1882 but the actual disappearance of “God” from the world in the concentration camps of Europe in the 1940s.” (58) Following this disappearance, the question, according to John Caputo, is, “Who–or what–comes after the God of metaphysics?” 1,965 more words