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The Web Planet - Review

The Doctor, and company arrive on the planet Vortis. they soon discover the aliens species Menoptera, who look like giant butterflies! Soon they are swept up in a battle with the Zabri. 451 more words


The Dalek Invasion of Earth - Review

The Daleks are back and for the first time in Doctor Who history, they are taking on Earth!

Long before some of the now biggest names in Sci-Fi such as Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Who was the main force of sci-fi that was so beloved and had a rich universe already, so much so that the Daleks had already had more sequels than any other enemies of the show, of course both Doctor Who and the Daleks are still huge today, the show is the biggest sci-fi show of all time. 565 more words


The Edge of Destrcution - Review

Continuing immediately from The Daleks, we see The Doctor and crew flung to the TARDIS floor. Set entirely in the TARDIS, we see the characters as they react to each other and the events around them. 270 more words


The Daleks - Review

The Doctor, Susan and new companions Ian and Barbara go on this second adventure, but they discover a horrible race known only as…The Daleks.

The Daleks are the most iconic and well known Doctor Who enemies of all time, they are beloved and always come back! 314 more words


The Chase - Review

The Daleks have mastered time travel and we say goodbye to Ian and Barbara, time to review The Chase.

The Daleks had become incredibly popular and were taking over Britain, so it was no surprise they returned to see off Ian and Barbara. 432 more words


Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter

Title:  Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter
Author: Dark Inferno
Publisher:  Self Published/Dark Inferno
Pages:  35 Pages
Genre: Erotic Drama
Source:  Links below provided by author:

Amazon… 923 more words

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