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227. The Omega Man (1971) -- A Torture Cinema "Adventure"

Cultists, motorcycles, and Jesus metaphors, oh my!  The crew joins forces to take a stab at The Omega Man, the second adaptation of Richard Matheson’s classic,  129 more words

Science Fiction

Pop for Thought: Battle of Mediums (I am Legend)

I had first watched the Will Smith movie, I am Legend, before I had read Richard Matheson’s novel so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the latter. 969 more words


Hell House

I can’t say I love horror, but I love the idea of horror. Every autumn when the air turns crisp, the trees burst with color, and I feel Halloween approaching, I can’t help but be sucked in by the spirit of the season. 923 more words

Ghost Story

Reflections on Ebola in the USA

We are primed for a pandemic. Television is happy to entertain us with all the details of previous pandemics from the Plague to the Flue of 1918. 367 more words

Current Events

The Last Man on Earth (1964)

Vincent Price stars in The Last Man on Earth, a 1964 adaptation of Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel I Am Legend. The film comes directed by Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow, with a screenplay by committee. 676 more words


The Omega Man (1971)

This is another birthday gift, a DVD of one of my favourite films of all time. I remember seeing this on TV as a boy, on the 4:30 Movie on ABC (Channel 7 in the New York area), the place where I was introduced to Toho’s GODZILLA movies, the PLANET OF THE APES series, and Roger Corman’s Edgar Allan Poe offerings. 1,650 more words

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Button, Button

By Richard Matheson

The package was lying by the front door—a cube-shape carton sealed with tape. Norma picked it up, unlocked the door, and went into the apartment. 1,732 more words

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