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Lets learn about Open Source

                           The world we are standing or living in is an technological era. Everything is technology. From a small pen to Massive War-Craft Planes everything is because of technological development. 2,997 more words


The GNU Manifesto, 1985. Reflection


Richard Stallman’s “GNU” (GNU’s Not Unix) manifesto argues in favour of free software, and explains and defines the goals of the GNU project, “GNU” being a free Unix-compatible software computer operating system. 519 more words


Once More: 'Intellectual Property' Breeds Confusion; Drop it

Rarely, if ever, does the term ‘intellectual property’ add clarity to any debate of substance–very often, this is because it includes the term ‘property’ and thus offers an invitation to some dubious theorizing. 656 more words


Richard Stallman's Free Software TED Talk

Basically an amalgamation of some of his other talks, condensed into a nice format.

I pretty much agree with him, except on Software as a Service.  79 more words


COMMONS IN ACTION - Knowledge Commons

Video o Knowledge Commonsih, FLOSS (Free Libre Open-Source Software) gibanju in skupni (intelektualni) lastnini.