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Richard Trumka: The choice we face Nov. 4

Almost no one in America is satisfied with the imbalance of our economy. We’re working harder and harder for less and less.

This isn’t a partisan opinion. 769 more words

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Union Chief Frets Foreign Policy and Ebola Are Distracting Voters from the Economy

The head of one of the nation’s most powerful labor federations said Tuesday that it has been a struggle to motivate workers ahead of the midterm elections, but that momentum was growing among the union members that Democrats will need to vote in droves for the party to retain control of the Senate and win a slew of tight gubernatorial races. 392 more words

AFL-CIO President: Labor cares about Ferguson

DOWNTOWN ST. LOUIS (KTVI)-The AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says labor cares about Ferguson.

“Unless you’re the mother of an African-American man or boy, you don’t know what it’s like for them to walk out the door and you wonder if they’re coming home tonight. 108 more words


AFL-CIO President Trumka in Town for Statewide Convention

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is in St. Louis for the statewide convention.

Looking across the Mississippi, he predicts there will not be a regime change in Illinois this November. 348 more words


Union leader: Obama must take 'bold' action on immigration

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is encouraging President Obama to take “bold” action on immigration in the coming weeks.

“He’s gonna do something,” Trumka told reporters Thursday during a breakfast sponsored by… 296 more words


Labor Leader Urges Obama to Go Big on Immigration

A top labor leader predicted Thursday that President Barack Obama will use his executive authority to make changes in immigration policy without congressional cooperation, but also castigated him for the high rate of deportations under his watch. 230 more words

Labor's Trumka: Hillary Clinton is 'very, very qualified to be president'

Washington (CNN) - Richard Trumka is not ready to endorse Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. But that may be because, as he says, “there is no there, there.” 427 more words

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