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The Band Featuring Rick Danko Play "It Makes No Difference"

Listen to this track by one-time clubhousing musical pioneers and last waltzing quintet mostly from Canada, The Band. It’s “It Makes No Difference”, a classic deep-cut from their 1975 album… 910 more words


Review: 16 Essential Songs To Hear In Dylan's New 'Basement Tapes' Box Set

Dylan, Band Recorded Songs In Late ‘60s In Woodstock, N.Y.

When Bob Dylan and the Band recorded the material that soon gained legend as “The Basement Tapes” in the late 1960s, this homespun, tradition-minded music stuck out like a sore thumb during the psychedelia-drenched Age of Aquarius. 3,176 more words


Dylan’s New ‘Basement Tapes’ Box Set Documents Rock’s Most Important Recordings

Legendary 1967 Sessions Were Pivotal To Birth Of Roots-Rock

“Look here, you bunch of basement noise,” Bob Dylan pronounces in one off-the-cuff lyric sung during a few late-1960s recordings that earned legend in rock-music circles as “The Basement Tapes.” But this jokey, admonishing dig likely summarizes Dylan’s own wrong-headed assessment of what has gone on to be some of the most sought-after and ultimately important tape reels in pop-music history. 3,547 more words