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Beth I Hear You Calling...

GraphTV is a great little site. You pick a show, and it creates a nice little graph for the show based on the IMDB ratings for each episode. 310 more words


Book Review - The Walking Dead Compendium 1 by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore & Charlie Adlard

This mammoth tome collects the first 48 issues of The Walking Dead, split up into 8 chapters (which can also be purchased as individual options, I think they’re up to chapter 22 at the time of writing, although don’t quote me on that). 735 more words

Here's What 'The Walking Dead' Comic Book Fans Expect To See In The Second Half Of Season Five

Warning: Comic Book And Television Spoilers Ahead

As we head toward the second half of The Walking Dead‘s 5th season, Rick Grimes’ group has lost well more than a dozen close friends and family members. 1,405 more words


The Walking Spoilers.

As the title so cunningly advertises, there will be spoilers. For those up not up to date on season five I would not recommend reading any further. 414 more words

The Walking Dead

"I survived the zombie-apocalypse!" - Fainted man came back and faced the walkers

Nick Limes (35), a police officer from a small town in Germany called Buchholz, survived the last zombie-attack. “Me and my family just bought a new house. 449 more words