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Notes From Underground: Assessing Fair Market Price (CNBC)

Click on the image to watch Rick and I discuss Jeremy Stein’s March 21 speech and the 5/30 curve.

Debt Market

"That Old-Time Whistle": The Kind Of Things Conservatives Say To Each Other All The Time

There are many negative things you can say about Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee and the G.O.P.’s de facto intellectual leader. But you have to admit that he’s a very articulate guy, an expert at sounding as if he knows what he’s talking about. 758 more words


Mark Reardon: Reardon Roundtable, Phil Keoghan Of The Amazing Race, & CNBC's Rick Santelli

It’s a Reardon Roundtable Friday with St. Louis Aldermanic President Lewis Reed, local businessman Chris Goodson, and attorney Jane Dueker. Topics include the murder and kidnapping of Hailey Owens of Springfield, Missouri’s gun laws, the minimum wage, Hillary in 2016, and the Olympics. 173 more words

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Not Another ‘Red Line’ + More - Daily Digest

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“Public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private, and public virtue is the only foundation of republics. There must be a positive passion for the public good, the public interest, honor, power and glory, established in the minds of the people, or there can be no republican government, nor any real liberty: and this public passion must be superior to all private passions.” –John Adams, letter to Mercy Warren, 1776… 2,100 more words