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Vitamin d resistan rickets

So before start this post let me make a list of all of my diagnosis. I most likely will mention them throughout my posts so might as well put them all here. 352 more words


Jim Rohn on Reading

Some people read so little they have rickets of the mind.

-Jim Rohn

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Israel-Hamas Conflict: Hamas Wants A Victory

As Hamas watches two years of war preparations be destroyed, it may attempt its largest-scale rocket attack on Israel to date as the terror group searches for an image of achievement it can present to the people of Gaza. 749 more words

The Power of Cod Liver Oil

For a while now, I have been taking Cod Liver oil. You take one capsule (or spoonfull if you buy the liquid option) a day and I am on my 3rd pot, although I slacked on the second. 292 more words

Cod Liver Oil

Nutrition Facts Friday: Calcium

Calcium is one of the most beneficial minerals in the human body. It is the most prevalent mineral in the body making up about 2% of total body weight. 688 more words


Chickens and Rickets - Nutritional Deficiencies Explained


Rickets is loosely translated to “poverty of the bones.” It is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin D3, or by an imbalance of Calcium and Phosphorus in the diet. 540 more words

Chicken Health