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54 - 'Knock-Knee and Bow-Legs': Rickets Guarantee Form

Rickets is a condition which causes bones to become soft and weak.  Deformities such as bowed legs often result.  Although rarely seen today, rickets was commonplace in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Ancoats.  324 more words

George Osborne to bring back Rickets‏

As he rolls back public finance to the 1930s, the Chancellor announced a return to a golden age of austerity. Buoyed by the overwhelming support for his attempt to recreate the Great Depression, Mr. 266 more words


Do you really need vitamin supplements?

Vitamins are essential nutrients present in food that are needed in the body in small amounts. For a number of reasons ranging from ill health to rejuvenation, pharmaceutical companies have marketed vitamin supplements to the public for many years, but the question of who really needs these supplements have been a matter of debate for a while. 533 more words