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"Rickmote" box Rickrolls Chromecast, forcibly earworms hapless victims

Just when you thought it was safely de-Rick-Astley-ified, the world – or, at least, Chromecast viewers – are once again in danger of being Rickrolled… 622 more words


YouTube Lets You Down, Blocks 'Rickroll' Video in the U.S.

When you think of YouTube, what do you think of?

Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Yeah, that is pretty much the only answer acceptable. 150 more words


YouTube removes original "RickRoll" video

There was a two-year period in the mid-2000s where I was “RickRoll’D” at least twice a week. (I’m gullible, shut up.) For those unfamiliar with the Internet phenomenon (or maybe you’ve just blocked it out), a friend/loved one links to one URL, only to do the ol’ bait and switch and trick you into watching the video for… 161 more words