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I Piss Excellence

So here’s the thing…I was reading a Proust questionnaire the other day, and when it came to the question “What is the trait you most deplore in others?” Robert Evans, a famous studio, exec replied, “False humility.”  106 more words


I know the feeling

Even though the SOA finale can SOMK like no one’s business, the series itself was legit. If you’re a SOA fan & you haven’t seen  153 more words

A Christmas Story - Pam's Tale Part 1

I have a little Christmas story to tell. But, it’s not your typical Christmas story. It’s personal. It’s the story of Christmas 2014 in my household. 1,238 more words

Episodes From Our Life

NASCAR Fan Base is Shrinking

SportingNews.com has come out with a report showing the sad state of affairs for auto racing. Here are the somber numbers:

Alterations announced this week are in line with a trend of tracks removing seats.

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The Best Christmas Party Game You'll Ever Play

I know, I know–There are more important things to be writing about right now…. But it’s Christmastime, and–believe it or not–not everybody who reads this blog comes here to read about my take on the latest example of systemic racism or torture reports. 1,114 more words

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