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Rico, Pugsley, and Marvel

Are we really on letter R? We are just moving right along.

If you read my about me section you know that I love animals. I would have more but I am also a borderline neat freak so keeping up with 3 animals, a daughter, and a husband takes up a lot of my time. 468 more words

A To Z Challenge


Siempre había tenido la espinita de querer preparar sushi y honestamente pensaba que era muy difícil, caro y tardado. Un día quise intentarlo y he aquí el resultado: Fue todo lo contrarío a lo que pensaba… Ahora te mostraré que tanto yo, como tú, podremos hacerlo. 17 more words

Alternative uses for frisbee

Use #1- playing catch all by oneself.

Use #2 – playing catch with someone else.

Use #3 – as a pillow for napping.

Labrador Retriever

The Tale of The Teenagers Who Don't Read Because They Ain't Nerds And Shit

“That’s why I think all kids should be put into cages until they turn 21,” Rico said, as we waited at the intersection for the light to turn green. 2,072 more words


Taking the Extreme to the Extreme: Rico “Zombie Boy” Genest

Model. Actor. Sideshow freak. However you chose to label Rico Genest, also known as “Zombie Boy,” it would be hard to ignore the white elephant—excuse me, white skeleton—standing in the middle of the room. 674 more words


USA Today Editorial

Uber may want to be the next Amazon, but Amazon doesn’t have the potential for causing deaths the way vehicles for hire can.

In my opinion — and it’s a view shared by transportation regulators across the country — Uber, Lyft and other “ride sharing” companies are violating the laws and regulations that govern for-hire transportation everywhere they operate. 306 more words

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