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Truth doesn’t need to ask for our acceptance or permission: “Do you believe me?”

We can either allow it to be and follow it with our hearts – or we can spend time arguing amongst each other whether it is or it is not. 74 more words


Auditory Hallucination?

I wanted to ask if anyone has had something like this, and if so, how did you get rid of it? Sometimes I hear someone screaming in the background of my mind. 78 more words

12 Bentleys // 12 Dollars

The homeless guy in the street corner gives you a disapproving look if you give them two dollars, or let’s say three or four. “Where’s the rest!? 1,113 more words


Jay North, Organic Gardener

Important stuff!

If I had to choose for my son between learning to live off the land and going to school for math and physics – I’d choose gardening and farming the old school way. 1,446 more words


The Dim Light, A Way Out

I thought about sharing this once before because this is fully applicable to our search on a soul level – but wasn’t ready to tell the world one of my dumbest moments. 869 more words