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Ride Where The Locals Ride

Climbing with a locked full suspension, once on top of the mountain we have a choice of different downhill routes… What we want, to feel our full suspension! 240 more words

Mountain Bike Holidays

Mt Adams Red Loop...is back!

Terry and Max pushed through most of the highest loop of our ride, The “Red Loop”. Things are looking good up there. A ton of downfall since the loop hasn’t been open to us for the better part of two years, since the big fire up there. 77 more words


Last Thursday I brought the bike to the shop. Naturally, this caused a major temperature drop, and the coldest ride I’ve ever taken on a bike. 447 more words



The ride was long. I was actually surprised at how long it was. But it was an amazing ride. Way better and way safer than the one in Ocean Park. 78 more words