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The Absurdity and Importance of Music

Bruce Springsteen once said something along the lines of music being the most ridiculous thing in the world and the most important.  To me this rings very true.  895 more words

Off With His Head

The other day an Indian politician by name of Abu Azmi made a wonderfully idiotic remark as seen HERE. If you can’t be bothered to go there and read about it, I want to explain it to you. 761 more words


If you know me, you know that I am infamous for Iosing small objects like keys or pets or socks- but on this day the unthinkable happened. 657 more words

"What's a little dry humping amongst friends?"

So apparently people get close when working night shift. Really close. And at three in the morning things can get a little feisty. As always this crew is only one step away from sensitivity training. 9 more words


My blog intro!

I started thinking about blogging after last semester. I had a class called DIGITAL VOICES which took up the two class slots in the afternoons. Basically, it was three hours of awesome. 24 more words

Spring cleaning

Once a year I get into this mood

The kind of moods which oddly enough is too practical and almost boring

I feel an absurd need to throw out all of the things I haven’t used in a while… 150 more words


Honking moratorium

I was out late last night (indeed, I am getting too old for things like that) and I wasn’t sure I would manage my long run today. 227 more words