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Step One: Detox

Healing from an autoimmune condition and EMF Sensitivity in particular can be described as a 3 Step Process. 1) Detox 2) Rebuild 3) Maintain.

Detox. … 1,368 more words

Electromagnetic Frequencies

EMFactor X

“I know without a doubt that if I’d hadn’t moved there, I would never have become so sick.”

“Then you figured out what caused this?” 1,049 more words

Electromagnetic Frequencies

The Next EMF Sensitivity Book...Not

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I had my writing career all mapped out.  I would work at a job that provided what I needed. 1,088 more words

EMF Sensitivity

Surgical Implants and EMF Sensitivity

When Gary contacted me, my first thought was “How can I help?”  I shared that I have a titanium clip in my head and had experienced many of the challenges his daughter was going through. 1,514 more words

Electromagnetic Frequencies