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Classic Cycling Quotes #109

An entertaining exchange over this morning’s post-ride coffee.

Rider 1: “Seriously, cycling on mornings like this is better than sex.”

Rider 2: “Hmmm, depends who you’re having sex with.”


Ride to Percival's Island

My husband and I have recently started trail riding, so we’ve been trying to bike every morning or so. This morning we finally managed to ride over to Percival’s Island.   97 more words

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Evening Ride

It was a little warm this evening.

There were also heat and ozone advisories.  As a result the parking lot at South Mountain was nearly empty. 441 more words


A Gray and a Bay Today

After I drop my husband off at his colonoscopy appointment this morning, I am going to pick up my trainer and head to northern San Diego county to try out two horses. 641 more words


Why does Colin Ride?

“…having started to ride again three years ago at the age of 59 after a hiatus of 30 years, it’s feeling 20 odd or less years young again that has got me on to a good carbon road bike, into lycra, club jersey and lightly obeying the Velominati. 

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The who, what & why of QLD's cycling safety trials

The following article was actually slated to appear in the upcoming issue of Bicycling Australia. But as sometimes happens, there were too many articles and not enough pages.

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July 30, 2014: Time to Browse, Time to Dream


Today’s Perfect Moment is having and taking time to look around the bike shop.  There is just something fundamentally satisfying with looking at new bikes.  It could be the mechanical precision or the sleekness of a modern bike that I find so attractive.  208 more words

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