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Work, Rest and Play.

My job is quite in impressive to most. I work for a semi-large petrochemical company and recently received a rather big promotion. This involved relocating my whole life to a remote part of Scotland where I know nobody and, on appearances, am the only English man in the town! 504 more words


A little calm amidst the chaos

It has been a busy couple months  - a couple of my oldest friends have to come to visit with their kids, family have been houseguests and between the theme park visits, dinners and entertaining everyone, I have also been traveling a lot for work… So I am especially happy to have carved out a little time for myself this weekend. 339 more words


Sea Otter 2014

I had a whole entry ready to go here.

All about my racing, my planning to race, my thoughts while racing and my placings. Nearly finished, just needed to be edited and submitted. 296 more words


Racing Sea Otter 2014

Last year, I took the opportunity to attend the Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey. For the uninitiated, this is the biggest bike event of the year. 1,116 more words





Hello there,

I am very sorry for not posting in about half a million years but I have been so busy!
So, I recently heard about this old(ish) massage method for horses and well, apparently they love it. 154 more words

Happy Easter!

Ike and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!  We are taking the day off and spending the day with family.  I should have known that after the Santa Hat debacle from Christmas, that Ike would not be a willing bunny ear wearing horse.  75 more words

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Plan for 'Nam

Tired of backdating blogs from weeks ago, I am cracking on with the fresh material (for now), because we are biking about 2000km (roughly one million miles) from the south of Vietnam right up to the north in one month, Top Gear style. 212 more words