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The Counselor

A largely forgettable film except for Cameron Diaz making love to a car and it being described in graphic detail by Javier Bardem. Yes, you read that correctly and whilst you try to imagine this, let me assure you that it’s far less tasteful than most could imagine and memorable for all the wrong reasons. 215 more words


VoicesFILM Top 20 Films

What Up Yo.
In no particular order….20 of my favorite films…

Films I consider to be masterpieces of cinema.
Many are not here, I have a list of 200 coming, 122 more words


Top 250 Tuesday #070 - Blade Runner (1982)

Continuing to wend my way through the Sight and Sound Top 250 Greatest Movies of All Time. This week, it’s #070 on the list, Ridley Scott… 1,067 more words


Something's Rotten on LV-223

This week we delve into the mysery that is Prometheus. This 2012 film was suppost to be the prequel to Alien and instead was, well, not exactly what we were promised. 61 more words

Geek Comedy

Alien Watercolour

A watercolour of one of the xenomorph creatures from Ridley Scott’s Alien films


In Defense of... The Counselor

“In Defense of…” is a series of articles meant to examine and reevaluate films that opened to poor critical or box office reception. This article may contain SPOILERS. 1,149 more words